Tailor Made part 3

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Tailor Made part 3

Postby SuckerPunch » December 15th, 2010, 12:18 am

Sorry for the delay, folks! Been hard at work on this chapter (finally happy with the way it came out) and i hope you continue to enjoy reading it as i do writing it.
Thanks to Doctor Robo for permission in using his characters and various elements of the Metrobay universe. As always feedback/critiques/input is encouraged. And now on with the latest installment....

Tailor Made
Part 3
Outside Superheroine Squad HQ
Brown Sugar and Jade Lightning have returned from the Warehouse District which essentially has turned out to be a routine round up of the usual street thugs attempting to steal whatever they could get their grubby hands on to turn a profit. Despite how well the mission when, it has done little to improve Georgia’s mood much to her friends dismay.
“Ease up, Georgia. I’m sure everything’s fine. So Kyla ran off for a little R & R. We’ve been running her pretty hard lately so maybe we can cut her some slack.” Georgia gave her a bit of a look, not bothering to say anything and proceeded to storm into the building. Ok maybe not. Man I figured laying into a few of those creeps would have put her in a better mood. Poor Snowflake’s going to hear it when she gets back.

Georgia enters the main control room, her eyes and ears scanning for any sign that Snowflake has returned. There is still no trace. Ok, this is nuts. Kyla’s still hasn’t returned or made any attempt to communicate. She turns to the trailing Jade. “Wait a second Lin…Didn’t Ted and Marcy finished outfitting all our costumes with those locator beacons yet? We could track her frosty butt that way.”

Lin rubs the back of her head with a bit of an embarrassed chuckle. “Well you see, we could do that,” the last thing she wanted to do was put out the first bright idea they‘d had of finding their missing partner, let alone add to Brown Sugar‘s fuming fire. “If they were working properly that is. Dr. Twist is still trying to ‘weatherize’ them. Kyla, Alexis, and my powers keep shorting them out when we use our abilities.” Both girls think back to the fitting of the devices and Ted’s numerous recalibrations. A small mental smile grew in Jade Lightning’s face when Georgia popped him one, accusing his so-called ’recalibrations’ as an excuse to get a tad too fresh, particularly since he wanted to put it into her belt buckle. Good thing Marcy stepped in before poor Ted truly suffered. Jade bits her lip stifling the giggle before Brown Sugar could notice. But that’s what happens when boys fly too close to Georgia’s ‘restricted airspace‘ uninvited.

Slumping back down into the observation chair she had previously been sitting in when this hectic evening started, Brown Sugar let out a frustrated sigh. “Terrific.”
Jade moves over to her friends side resting her hand on her shoulder. “Don’t be so worried. You said it yourself, she was probably at that bar right? Lets just call in Alexis, fill her in, and have her check up on Kyla.” If one BFF needs to be located the other BFF usually knows where to look.

Brown Sugar tilts her head in agreement. “Worth a shot. I’ll take care of it.” Georgia sits up straight as she looks up Alexis‘ name in the speed dial. She curses herself for not only letting this situation get the better of her but for having let it get this out of hand in the first place. I’m not letting this crap get to me damnit. I’m a heroine and I still have a job to do.

“There’s the Brown Sugar I know. Oh and don’t worry. I’ll take care of the Warehouse report. If you need anything else I’ll be in the locker room once I’m finished. I could use a hot shower.”

“Thanks Lin.” Georgia smiled as Jade takes off. She takes a deep breathe as she begins punching up the off duty junior heroines number. Now to reach Alexis. Hopefully she’s somewhere she can hear me. I really don’t want to have to try and yell over club music.

Back at Elysium Fashion Square
Just over an hour has pasted but Kyla has taken to her new life as Wintergreen with gusto. Fashionista leans in for a kiss from her lovely new pet as she fondles Kyla‘s soft breast. Kyla, whom still in her new glorious dress, has been enjoying the new found benefits of joining her mistress. Mmmm, this is so incredible. I feel like a new person. And this bed, so comfy, I never want to leave it. She closes her eyes accepting the kiss. Atleast that is unless my mistress wishes me to.

While in mid kiss, Fashionista momentarily brakes off the kiss, causing her thrall to give off a quiet whimper, as if to plead for more. “Now, now my dear don’t fret. We have business to attend to before we can continue.” She gets up, but not before she slides a gloved hand down the full outside length of Wintergreen’s dress. Kyla gasp, reaching the cusp of climax as her mistress’ hand finds her sweet spot and everywhere in between. An avalanche of pleasure consumes Wintergreen as her body buckles from the surge of unleashed lust. A soft chill fills the room as Wintergreen frost powers kick in, returning that porcelain hue to her already soft pale skin. Uh-oh, better stop that. I’ll lose the feeling again and mistress wouldn’t like that. She does her best to switch off the effect, so her mistress doesn’t become displeased.

“I must take care of a few things first, then we can begin sharing your new outlook on life with your lovely friends.” She gives a loving smile to her panting slave. Yes…excellent my slave, give into that pleasure. At this rate your transformation will be permanent much sooner. Any hopes that your soon to be fellow slaves would have of saving you will be gone. “In the meantime, feel free to browse the store downstairs. Find something shiny to your liking.”

Kyla’s eyes (and nipples) perk at the mere suggestion and nearly jumps out of the bed with excitement. “Really? Oh mistress you’re too kind and wonderful.” And with that, she bolts down the stairs. Lexis is going to be so jealous, maybe I should pick her up a few things. Seems so wrong to not share this joy with her. This is totally more fun and rewarding than being just a superheroine. She’d love it!

I do so love her enthusiasm, Fashionista smiles to herself I hope all the women of this city have such an eagerness to kneel at my feet. She glides over to a dresser and picks out a long silk scarf. If I’m going to be running into more heroines, I’m going to need to be better prepared this time. She drapes it over her forearms. The sheen silver shimmer, in contrast to her dress’ chameleon style colorization, made her a sight to behold. She blows a kiss to her alluring reflection in a vanity mirror. Even the most prudish do-gooder will be unable to take their eyes off me. She examines herself a bit more, striking various poses, all the while making various adjustments to her own dress in cut and color scheme. A little extra calculated cleavage here and there….perfect. She removes her cellphone and makes a call “Bring the car around. My new servant and I will be leaving shortly.” She gives a wicked smile as she picks up a small item off her dresser top. “Lets see what my sex pet has picked out.”

Downstairs Kyla has been keeping busy raiding Fashionista’s wears, rings, necklace, and a pair of earrings. She stuffs a jeweled handbag she has found with her favorite trinkets. There’s so many beautiful designs and styles…I cant decide which ones go best with my outfit. Finally deciding on a small pair, Kyla starts to do her hair up in a bun with a few strands here and there so as to get a better look. Heh, I haven’t gotten this dressed up since prom night. Of course, I look ten times hotter now with this dress. She moves over towards the make up counter, scouring the case for the perfect matching shade of eye shadow and lipstick. She finds colors that match her new tri tone look of green, blue and white, blending them together. Wow…I never knew I could look this seductive. It makes me feel so…powerful. Like I could take on all of ROPEs goons at once. She frowns. But that’s more of what Snowflake-Kyla the sexy heroine would do, but is that what Mistress would want? If I was more like her, I could make them fall on their knees and worship me. Well the women atleast. The idea of ‘making over’ additional women to serve Fashionista was becoming more and more appealing. The idea of aiding in the act was what she truly wanted to experience. Yea, that’s what I want. I want to be just like my mistress.

While she sits there in her thoughts she almost doesn’t notice the two gloved hands slide down her shoulders and around her neck. Fashionista attaches a ruby red charm in the shape of a broken heart to her collar. “Lovely, just as I expected it would be.” She wickedly laughs, having been able to feel her pets thoughts when she makes contact. My my She’s taking to her new role so well that I don’t think she’ll even question on whether or not she should be enslaving her friends to the same fate. She awakens her slave from her daydream with a loving caress of the cheek. “Do you like your new present mi amor? This charm will allow you to use your powers freely without any fear of losing the wonderful sensation of my empowered clothing that graces your flesh. It is the crest of the woman I work for.” And ensures your slavery to me and MY mistress. “Wear it with pride.” No more worrying about those pesky powers breaking you from my hold. Kyla stares at the reflection of the new addition to her collar. She could feel the heat of their combined lust that had been consuming her since their first encounter. The mesmerizing Fashionista, her mistress, who saved her from a tedious, unfulfilling path of being just a heroine into a beautiful model and servant.

“Its time Wintergreen,” Fashionista takes Kyla by the hand. “Let us show your friends the glorious new you.”

Wintergreen smiles warmly as she rises up. She gathers her bag “They’re going to be so jealous, I bet they’ll want you to make them new dresses like you did for me.”

The two proceed to the waiting limo, both barely able to contain her excitement. Tonight shall be most...entertaining. Fashionista thinks to herself. Wintergreen’s thoughts in her own way, echo her mistress‘ This is going to so awesome! Get ready Metrobay for the new look about to take you by storm! Hmm I’ll probably have to update the Superheroine Squad fan site…Focus Wintergreen it time to put on your sexy new game face.

The entrance of the Superheroine Squad HQ
Alexis Wellington, better known to the public as Solaria the de-facto leader of Grrl Power, takes a deep breathe as she opens the doors of the 21 Street Precinct. Normally she wouldn’t taken the long way, but judging by Brown Sugar’s tone and the fact that Snowflake was working tonight, she could only guess why she was begin asked to come in. Man, this had better be good. Kyla better not have lost her keys to the dorm room again. Normally she wouldn’t be this upset about helping her best friend but she had been in the middle of a rare opportunity. That guy was smoking hot and things were getting good…Kyla better appreciate this. As she walks the hall she gets in the elevator. Might as well change first. This dress doesn’t exactly scream superheroine but I do love how it makes the boys tongues drop. She checks out her keyhole sleeveless red mini dress in the reflection of the elevator doors only stopping as it begins to slow its ascend. With a ping and a whoosh of the doors, Alexis heads on to the living quarters of the squad to suit up.

Alexis isn’t the only one with a fresh change of cloths in mind. Jade Lightning has made her way to the shower room, finally having finished her report on the Warehouse clean up and putting her trident away. All the time she had been thinking about taking a nice hot shower since having gotten back. Oh man, this is going to feel so good. Guess they don’t call it Grime City for nothing. Gross. She removes her costume, strips out of her matching undergarments, and grabs a towel and makes her way over to her locker. Whoops, don’t want to forget this. Jade removes her Power Gem Tiara and places in inside for safe keeping next to a few fresh uniforms she has inside. She proceeds to the showers, sliding her towel off as she waits for it to heat up. Once she’s satisfied with the heat level, she steps inside soaking in the warmth after a cool evening. Mmmmm…now that’s what I’m talking about. Steam rises as Lin begins to wash and caress her curves. Nothing beats the feeling of letting go after a rough day on the job. With a mischievous smile she spots and reaches for one of the other girls shower 'massagers' add-ons. Well…almost nothing…

Brown Sugar leans back in the her chair, drinking a cup of what passes off as a cup of coffee this late of night at the station. I wish Alexis would hurry up getting here already. Sooner she checks in the sooner we locate Kyla. There was still no luck reaching her on com. She had even gone as far as asking the Action Cats and the Speed Demons to give her a shout if she’d been spotted. She wasn’t trying to alarm them or the likes of Ms Metrobay or Omega Woman as there was no sign of foul player from the crime scene so there was no real evidence to believe that something bad had happened to her but she couldn’t shake this feeling in the back of her mind that something was off. She places her mug down as hears the clicking of heels approaching.

“Evening Georgia’ Alexis had finally made her way down from the living quarters dressed in more modest attire then she had been then when she had arrived. “So…What’d Kyla forget this time?”

“Hey girl, look I’ll cut to the chase. Snowflake made a nab earlier today and I was supposed to meet up with her at the scene but she took off.” Brown Sugar now standing, crosses her arms “Don’t supposed she tried getting a hold of you?”

“Honestly no.” Alexis frowns as she leans up against the control counsel. “Lemme guess you guys need me to search for her. I guess I better suit up” There goes my ‘quiet’ night. Shoulda guessed when they asked Kyla to come in I’d end up working too. Man, why do the senior members always pawn off their shifts on us junior members?

Brown Sugar shook her head while handing Alexis a piece of paper. “Yes and no. I want to look for her here and its probably better if you didn’t get into costume. Here‘s the address.”

“Hey! I know this place,. She and I been wanting to go back there for sometime. You should see it, they have the cutest waiter with…”

Oh brother!…With a roll of the eyes and dismissive wave of both hands, Brown Sugar stops Alexis right there. ”Yea, yea, yea. She told me! Just get going and keep in contact.” I swear those two!

Alexis turns around and begins to take off “No problem, I’ll find our girl.” Hmm tonight’s fun may yet just be starting. Better change again. Snow better not be getting his number without me. I'm not striking out twice tonight.

Brown Sugar turns back to the monitor face palming herself for what seems like the 20th time tonight. What am I going to do with them?! Would it kill them to take their jobs a tad more serious? She places her hand on her hip, when she feels something in her pocket. With a raise of her eyebrow and a faint green twinkle in her eyes. Maybe I should see about getting them a job at Headlights. Vic’s always looking for girls to become Hotties. I’m sure Kyla’s could use the money instead of always making those puppy dog eyes at Alpha Woman and Valient Grrl. As for Alexis well ‘monkey see monkey do’, if her BFF joins she’s sure to want in. It may just give those two the discipline those two need. It shouldnt take much to persuade Tina or Kelly to have them put on the case. A sly smile grows. And who knows Vic might just give me a 'bonus' for finding him two more waitress'. As Georgia lets her mind wander as she rubs the pocket. She usually doesnt put on the ear piece when she's supposed to be focused on her Squad duties, but she was aching to put it on since the hectic evening started. If she had been paying attention, she would've noticed a black limo pulling up into the Squad back entrance with two exotically dressed figures exiting, one whom would almost look familiar.

To be continued...

Just one more chapter after this (seriously this time :P )

In the meantime, i want to give my readers a chance to vote on how this story ends as a thanks for their interest in my story:
Will our lovely heroines defeat the sultry Fashionista or will they share Snowflake/Wintergreens fate and fall victim one by one to Fashionista's wiles?

Also who should run into them first:
-a showering Jade Lightning
-a Solaria undressing
-a distracted Brown Sugar

I do have my own vision of how this ends but i'm really interested in what others have to say.
Thank you again for reading :ugeek:
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby Akonkid » December 15th, 2010, 12:02 pm

Awesome story. Loving the build-up.

I'd suggest nabbing Jade Lightning first, then build to either Solaria or Brown Sugar. Snagging Solaria would have some great drama, and Brown Sugar's been teased for awhile. Either way would be more than satisfying.
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby dumbtime » December 15th, 2010, 1:05 pm

I concur with Akonkid. Nabbing the unsuspecting Jade might go better than facing off with the other two at this point in time in the story. It will give you a chance to build up to Solaria and then Brown Sugar as each encounter could escalate from the one before it.

And, of course, I'm on the villian's side in this one. :D
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby steverogers5 » December 19th, 2010, 5:40 am

This is an awesome story. Always liked Snowflake, and Brown Sugar..(Though in completely different ways..) I would have the heroines ultimately win out, so it feels like story could more easily fit in beween the Metrobay comics, but it shouldn't be easy for them. :D

Maybe you could have all the heroines fall, but when it gets to the last, Brown Sugar, she's put on her greentooth (really love that you included that, makes it feel even more like an in canon story) And then you could have some part of her loyalty to the Headlights Hotties overides the beginnings of any new control, or something like that. 8-)

As with all the mind control in Metrobay it's always interesting to see different agendas clash.. ;)
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby Doctor Robo » December 19th, 2010, 12:09 pm

SuckerPunch wrote:Sorry for the delay, folks! Been hard at work on this chapter (finally happy with the way it came out) and i hope you continue to enjoy reading it as i do writing it.
Thanks to Doctor Robo for permission in using his characters and various elements of the Metrobay universe. As always feedback/critiques/input is encouraged. And now on with the latest installment....

You're quite welcome. This story has been tremendous so far, particularly with the introduction of Fashionista and the new take on Snowflake. Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work!

- Doc
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Doctor Robo
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby dumbtime » January 12th, 2011, 10:00 am

I know writing stories is tough enough but doing them through the holidays had to be even tougher. Hope all is going well and looking forward to more superheroine peril from you. I can't wait to read what happens next. :)
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Re: Tailor Made part 3

Postby SuckerPunch » January 15th, 2011, 1:05 am

@Akonkid-Great! :D I was actually kind of nervous that there was too much build up and not nearly enough action for some readers (Dont worry everyone-the next chapter will have plenty ;) )

Thanks for the input and i hope you continue to enjoy the story.

@dumbtime-Hmmm thats two votes against poor Jade and a vote for villainy...interesting.

Thank you as well for your feedback and continuing interest in the story. While the next (and final) chapter is only around 2/5 written, I can assure that you (and everyone else hopefully) wont be disappointed with the results. It will be a bit longer wait sadly, but i'm trying to make it worth it.

@steverogers5-Thank you! Snowflake has long been my favorite heroine in the metrobay universe and you can always count on the writers here at MCcomix to make stories with Brown Sugar interesting and sexy.

You make a great counter argument on the ladies of metrobay winning out and i have to admit that i'm having a hard time determining who should come out on top.

I equally agree and find it intriguing with all the developments of heroines having dual allegiances and how they will play out in the end.

@Doctor Robo-I'm always ecstatic to hear that you approve of my take of your characters and your words continue to inspire me to keep writing.

Thanks again to everyone for their words. They are greatly appriciated.
I look forward to see how you guys like the conclusion of this story and hope you guys stick around when i start coming out with 'Ladies of the Night' here in the story section.
"I'm making this up as i go"

Currently working on-
Tailor Made Part 5
A Tale with A Twist (Story completed, Release date TBA)

Coming soon...SuckerPunch's original stories 'Ladies of the Night'
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