Free Halloween comic - "Party Favors"

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Free Halloween comic - "Party Favors"

Postby Akonkid » October 29th, 2010, 10:28 pm

Hey there, loyal fans and deviant villains! I'm back with a special, seasonal Halloween special for you all to enjoy!

It's a somber Halloween night in Liberty Grove. The city is alive with spooky festivities and wild parties. But while the denizens of their fair city have their fun, the League of Liberty is hard at work scouring the streets and keeping its citizens safe from any daring and devious villain that tries to exploit all the costumed festivities. And wouldn't you know it, League leader Gypsy Moth finds herself the target of a couple of vile villains with evil in their thoughts! Will Gypsy Moth keep the city safe this frightful night, or will she just be another party favor for the villains to enjoy on their own wild Halloween celebration? Find out in "Party Favors", free and only at MCComix!

Check it out here:

Hope you all enjoy it!
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Re: Free Halloween comic - "Party Favors"

Postby Northern Chill » October 30th, 2010, 9:53 am

Very nice work indeed!...the cameo by a certain blond haired man and the use of characters not seen before makes this a very satisfying Halloween treat in many many ways.

Good stuff!!
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Re: Free Halloween comic - "Party Favors"

Postby Doctor Robo » October 31st, 2010, 12:03 pm

GREAT story. It's cool to see lesser-known characters like Charger get some face time, and the whole situation with Jackie is something I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing this with us!

- Doc
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