The Mind Control lab with MCcomix!

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The Mind Control lab with MCcomix!

Postby mctek » June 20th, 2013, 10:10 pm

Hey gang, today we a brand new section thread here at MCcomix, here you can ask all your questions about your favorite artists and storylines. Think of this thread as a round table were anything and everyone MCcomix related can be touched on. Alas there must be rules, fear not, they will not limit your discussions of all things Mccomix!


Please do not ask for real names of writers and artists here at mccomix, we value the privacy of our staff and feel that revealing such information is breech of trust and may put them at risk of internet harassment.

Please do not discuss religion, unless it is a fictional religion created by the staff. We wish to respect the beliefs of everyone, be it the staff or yourself.

Please do not use age, race , sex or religion as a form of attack on your fellow members and the staff of MCcomix. Everyone is valued here at MCcomix, we would like for everyone to get along in a peaceful discussion of your favorite stories!


Alright guys, other then those rules, you have the floor, ask away :D We'll looking forward to your input :D

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