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Sasquatch Woman "Enslaved" -Issue#6

PostPosted: May 23rd, 2021, 4:10 am
by mitru
She emerged into a clearing where Dianna Rose was waiting for a helicopter to land. The villainous Dianna turned as she saw the Super She Beast charging towards her. "Your plan has failed!...Your men have been defeated!...I'll stop you and bring you to justice!" declared Sasquatch Woman as she closed the gap between them. she focused on Dianna..determined to make her
pay for drugging her in her 20 inch brown areolas and her 10inch puffy brown nipples..the source of her super strength... and erotically arousing her in these super erogenous zones to hypnotise her..Sasquatch Woman paid no attention to the descending helicopter...much to her detriment.

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