Sasquatch Woman "Enslaved" -Issue#01

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Sasquatch Woman "Enslaved" -Issue#01

Postby mitru » March 14th, 2021, 5:28 am

Hello everyone!

Here we're with a new comic based on a Brad Chung's story I hope you like it.

Seattle, Washington
8 pm

In the offices of her corporate headquarters...businesswoman DIANNA ROSE read the report submitted to her by her confederates who had been based in the small town of Crystal Falls. Her suspicions about a valuable deposit of uranium located in the forests outside of the town had been confirmed.

But he uranium was located in an area in a national park which was protected by law..denying her the ability to legally mine it and sell it to the highest bidder. However Dianna was not a woman who played by the rules..otherwise she would never have risen up the corporate ladder.

The red-headed businesswoman knew that to extract the uranium from its present location would require unconventional methods which would not attract the attention of the authorities.

As she read the report...Dianna saw that her confederates were doing their best to earn the exorbitant salaries she was paying them...and had offered a solution. It turned out Crystal Falls was not like any other town.

The report spoke about a mysterious female strongwoman rumoured to live deep within the nearby forests...who helped people in need and also thwarted crimes which took place in the vicinity of the town.

CLICK HERE to read Sasquatch Woman "Enslaved" -Issue#1:


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