Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 2

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Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 2

Postby Northern Chill » October 22nd, 2009, 2:23 pm

Here's part 2 - enjoy!

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note : This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and MCcomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 2 - Changing things up

" I'm glad you enjoyed your first taste of fembothood, Crissy. However, I'm afraid I can't give you a second taste of it this weekend as I'm scheduled to speak at an advanced science symposium that is being held out of town. I won't be back until Monday or Tuesday so I was wondering if you can keep an eye on the lab for me. I've got a few programs running that are going to reach their apex this weekend and someone should be around to monitor it. Would you do me this favor please? " Ted intoned as he sat down at a table sipping on a Dr. Red Pepper and glanced at Crissy's new physique with unabashed enthusiasm.

" Huh. Well, Ted, I have to admit that waiting around a room full of computers for an entire weekend is not what I have in mind for a fun time. Maybe I could, ummm, give the robot thing a try to pass the time, " Crissy replied with a wistful tone to her voice.

Ted shook his head . emphatically " Uh-uh, Crissy. You need a control unit around when those nanobots are activated and I don't want you walking around in search of one while I'm away. I don't think you'd want to be in fembot mode with no one around to give you orders. Have a little patience and we'll have a little session right after I get back, " the scientist said as he got up and went into an adjoining room for a minute.

" Grrr....stuck in the lab and I can't even be a fembot for a little while! Hmmmm....maybe I should take a closer look at the nanobot program and see if I can make a few quiet changes while Ted is away, " Crissy thought to herself as she straightened out the hem on her short skirt and waited for Ted's return to the room.

A few hours later, and after some parting instructions, Ted left for his symposium and Crissy was alone with nothing but computers to keep her company. With a mischievous smile crossing her face, Crissy sat down in front of a nearby monitor and started the process of looking up Ted's nanobot program with the idea of making a few changes to allow her a little private fun. However, Crissy's smile quickly turned to a frown as she saw something that she didn't anticipate.

" Damn! Ted has password protected the parameters to the nanobots he inject into me! I can't do what I want for this weekend! Now what? " Crissy mentally wondered as she saw the PASSWORD NEEDED FOR ACCESS message flash repeatedly when she accessed her profile. Tapping the fingers of her left hand gently on the table, Crissy went to the page concerning the nanobots to learn more about them. As she glanced down the technical data, Crissy saw that Ted had left open the file where other subject files could be created by himself in the future. Mulling this over, Crissy hit upon an idea that could give her what she wanted without anyone knowing about it. She would inject the nanobots into another member of the Superheroine Squad, used her abilities to surreptitiously turn the Squad member into a fembot and get the enthralled heroine to figure out a way around Ted's roadblocks.

For several minutes, Crissy mentally kicked around various names in the Squad and eliminated most of them due to the fact they were too wary of anything that wasn't clearly spelled out for them. With that, Crissy mentally went down the list to the newest Squad members and quickly came up with the name she felt certain would help her out.

" Marcy Smith! She's fairly new to the Squad and said she'd help me whenever I need it ever since that stuff with H.E.R. and Sentius happened. If I can think up of a little story to get her over here, it shouldn't take hardly any time at all and no one will ever know anything was amiss. Now, I just have to think of a good excuse to get her to come here and get things started, " Crissy thought to herself as she pondered what to tell Silver Satin. After a minute or two, Crissy came up with something that sounded reasonable and she quickly dug out her cell phone and called Marcy's home number. As she was doing that, Crissy started creating a file for the nanites she'd be injecting into Marcy and setting the parameters for the program. A bright smile crossed Crissy's face as she envisioned Ted's face when he saw how Crissy had managed to get around his barriers.

Just over an hour later.......

"....understand you again. The Q2S3 bovine flu can be deadly especially to those in the superhero community and with in mind, Ted has come up with a booster shot designed to improve our resistance to the plague? How come Ted didn't tell the senior members of the Squad about this first? " Marcy inquired as she sat down on a chair and watched Crissy busily search through drawers for the necessary equipment.

" Well, things aren't exactly friendly between Ted and most of the Squad dating back to the days when he turned Valient Grrl, Brown Sugar and yourself into totally obedient fembots. Ted has reformed since those days but, ummm, memories take a while to fade and such. Do you understand? " Crissy replied in what she hoped was a convincing manner.

Marcy paused for a moment before nodding. " Yeah, I can see there's probably some lingering animosities between them and I'm not too crazy about Ted either. Is that why he's not here to administer the vaccine? " she asked as she saw Crissy place a syringe on a nearby counter along with a small vial.

" Well, he said this conference was something he had to go to but between you and me, I think he wanted to put some distance between himself and a few of the Squad members. Anyway, enough about Ted. Did you understand everything I told you about this vaccine and how you might feel a little queasy for a short time after you are injected? " Crissy intoned as she tried to hide the fact that she was growing increasingly eager to see Marcy as a fembot.

" Yeah, I guess so. I trust you, Crissy, and I know you wouldn't do anything to harm me, " Marcy said earnestly.

Marcy's words hit a nerve for Crissy and for a brief moment or two, she hesitated and considered calling off her plan altogether and telling Marcy the truth. However, her internal desires won out and Crissy proceeded to swab Marcy's right arm and give her the injection.

" Ok, that should take of you against that nasty flu. Ummm, I hate to impose on you any further but I was wondering if you could keep an eye on things here in the lab while I took a little nap for a bit. I was up kinda late helping Ted before he left and there's a computer diagnostic program that needs to be monitored over here. What do you say? " Crissy intoned even as she tried to figure out what to say next if Marcy turned her down.

Luckily for Crissy, Marcy was in an agreeable mood and said she'd stick around as Crissy asked. With that, Marcy took a seat in front of the monitor that was displaying a large amount of code as Crissy silently made her way to the bed that just happened to be on the other side of the wall from Crissy though in a different room. Peeking around the corner one last time to make sure Marcy was focused on the monitor, Crissy closed the bedroom door and disrobed before lying back on the bed with a long silver and white vibrator. Crissy put the sex toy on silent mode before turning it on and gently pressing it against the edges of her vagina. Between the vibrations of the sex toy and imagining the pleasure of her and Marcy as mindless obedient fembots, Crissy quickly felt her body building to a phenomenal orgasm.

As for Marcy, she was seated in front of the monitor and tapping her fingernails on the desk top as she waited for what looked to be some sort of logarithmic program to finish its routine. As the seconds ticked by, Marcy found it increasingly difficult to focus on the screen and even ordinary thinking was becoming a difficult task. Before she could begin to grasp what was happening to her, her ability to think and move on her account vanished completely and Marcy was once again a mindless fembot waiting for instructions to be given to her.

A minute or so later, Crissy staggered out into the room naked with her lower body somewhat sticky from sweat and the juices from her pleasure session. Seeing the rigid body of Marcy sitting in her chair with a blank look on her face, Crissy smiled and silently rejoiced that things had turned out just as she wanted.

" Marcy, stand up and take a position to the left of the desk, " Crissy said in a tone that belied her happiness.

" Yes. Mistress. I. Hear. And. Obey, " Marcy intoned as she stood and took a rigid stance in the requested place with her arms hanging straight down, stiffened back and eyes staring forward at nothing in particular.

" Now to get things set for changing these nanobots and what I want! Let's see....NOOOO!! " Crissy thought as she took a seat and started paging back to nanobot templates starting with the most recent usage in Marcy. However, this page caused Crissy to cry out loud when she saw the error she had made in inputting the parameters for Marcy's nanobots. In her haste, Crissy had left the end time for the robot state to end and the default was indefinite. In short, Marcy was a fembot for good and there was nothing Crissy could do about it.

" Now, what do I do....? " Crissy moaned as she buried her head in her hands while Marcy stood nearby waiting for her next command....whenever it might be....

To be continued...........
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 2

Postby weevil » October 26th, 2009, 5:04 am

This is great stuff, i was hoping you'd continue this story. Superheroines with fetishes and plans going awry are two of my favourite things, so this chapter really hit the spot.
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 2

Postby Northern Chill » November 2nd, 2009, 12:58 pm

Thanks, weevil. It's a story I kicked around for some time but had trouble with a bridge section in this chap. As robo notes elsewhere, this is set in an alternate/what if type universe so take that as a hint the road Crissy is taking may not lead to a happy ending for everybody (well, maybe the reader.... :D ).
Check out past covers from stories found here as well as text stories I've written at http://nchill.deviantart.com

"What does this story need?...more Franbot!!!"
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