Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 1

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Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 1

Postby Northern Chill » October 22nd, 2009, 2:18 pm


Although this has been already posted at HiPcomix, I thought I'd repost it here along with the new chap finished. Enjoy!

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note : This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and Mccomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 1 - A private discussion

Ted Twiss fidgeted nervously as he sat in his computer chair and waited for his guest to arrive for their chat. Looking around his laboratory, Ted reflected on his past adventures in the Metrobay area which started with his plan for seeking revenge on Alpha Woman and her heroine compatriots by turning them into mindless fembots serving his every wish and desire. After his plan was compromised by a deranged sentient computer, Ted spent time in jail only to be released in an effort to save the city from HER. At this time, Ted came to realize what his plans had done to him on a personal level and had devoted his time afterwards to helping the Superheroine Squad in any technological matter that arose. Now, he was choosing to go down a path that he swore he would never revisit.

" Ummm, Ted, if this is a bad time, I can come back another time, " the auburn haired Crissy Tanner, known to law enforcement officials as the heroine Blackout, said softly as she swiveled slightly in the computer chair she was seated in opposite Ted. Dressed in a tight fitting white T-shirt and blue shorts cut high on her lanky thighs, Crissy had led a fairly routine existence (by her own estimation) until the events with the rogue Sentius and H.E.R. When she was abruptly cut off from the mmindless servitude by Silver Satin, it seemed to spark in her a dormant desire to be in such a submissive and obedient state always. On one night, while sleepwalking, she had stumbled into Ted's room and during a wild session of hot sex, Crissy blurted out this hidden desire as she rode Ted's cock to another mind shattering orgasm. The next day, the two had privately agreed not to mention any of the details of their romantic encounter to the other Squad members but Crissy had recently asked Ted to look into fulfilling her wishes quietly.

" No, no, it's just, well, it's not something that I thought I'd ever contemplate doing to a woman again even if you are willing to do such a thing. There has to be another way to make your dreams come true that isn't permanent, " Ted declared and turned hs attention to a computer monitor behind him and the program he was running to compile options he could use to make Crissy happy.

Disappointed in what she heard, Crissy stood up and walked over to where Ted was located. Reaching down, Crissy took hold of Ted's left hand and pressed it against one of her breasts. " Look. Ted, I, I meant what I said to you a while back in your bedroom. If you can figure out a way to make me a robot once again, you can have me do anything you want, I swear, " the heroine said with a passion that surprised Ted a great deal.

" Ummm, look, Crissy, I understand what you're looking for and believe me, if you were talking to the Ted Twiss who abducted and robiticized a number of your colleagues in the Superheroine Squad, I wouldn't hesitate in turning you into a mindless sex drone like the others. However, I've changed in many ways and one is that I'm not going to do anything like that to a woman again on a permanent basis. Uhhh, with that fact being clear, I think I've come up with a way to give you what you're looking for on a temporary basis. Your ability to negate the powers of other super powered opponents when you become sexually excited can be used in the idea I've come up with, " Ted replied as he removed his hand from Crissy's breast and gestured towards the computer monitor near him.

Somewhat crestfallen by what she had heard, Crissy peered at the monitor and saw what looked to be images of small robot creatures next to a generic image of a nude woman with a large block of text underneath. " What's all this stuff about nanobots and keying them to a subject's mental system? " she asked with unashamed curunashamed

" Well, here's the plan I have come up with. You have the ability to negate the powers of other super powered beings when you become sexually aroused. With the addition of specially programmed nanobots injected into your body, I can, ummm, rewire your ability so that your powers will instead override your free will and independent thinking for a time frame programmed into the nanobots by this computer. Once the time frame has elapsed, you'll return to your normal thinking with no permanent changes to you mentally and physically. How does that sound to you? " Ted intoned even as he noticed a broad grin appearing on Crissy's face.

" Ted, that's what I'm looking for in more ways than you can imagine. I do have a few questions though before we get started on this brilliant plan of yours. First, when I'm out fighting crime with other members of the Squad, is there, ummm, a chance that the nanobots could activate during a fight and put me into robot mode? The second question I have, though I suspect you've already answered this some time ago, is who will be controlling me when I'm in robot mode and will it be just the first person's voice I hear after my, ummm, ? activation " Crissy asked in a manner that betrayed the fact that she was VERY excited about what might lie ahead.

Ted grinned broadly " I kinda figured you might ask these questions. The nanobots will be deactivated when you are out on Squad business or otherwise busy. As for your, ummm, controller, I have imprinted myself as filling that role when you enter into your robotic state. I've had, ummm, had a little experience in that regard but I can assure you that I have no intention of taking advantage of you beyond what we, ummm, previously discussed, " he said in a clear reference to the time he had a number of heroines transformed into fembots that satisfied her personal cravings.

" Well, I trust you, Ted, but if you don't mind, I'd like to look over the details for these nanobots before we start down this road. Oh, and it'd probably be a pretty good idea if I, ummm, used a bed near your lab for the, uhhh, private activation of these 'bots, " Crissy murmured as she motioned for Ted to allow her access to the computer indicated.

" Sure, no problem at all. You can use my bedroom for the, ummm, activation phase and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll make adjustments on some other equipment while you read up on the bots and such, " Ted replied as he moved over to a computer monitor on the opposite side of the room and started work on another program he was writing.

" Geez, Ted sure is being helpful in all of this. I know the senior Squad members would be hammering away at me for having anything to do with Ted and would be freaking out at what I'm trying to do. It's my body and my choice what to do with it. Besides, maybe this whole robot thing has been a secret desire of mine from my childhood days of watching Saturday morning cartoons for all I know! Hehehe.... " Crissy thought to herself as she started to look over the basic outlook for the nanobots as well as the safety protocols Ted had worked in to prevent the accidental activation of the tiny bots at inopportune times. However, as she started delving into the technical part of the project, Crissy's mind started to wander a bit and she started to imagine what kind of outfit she would wear when she was in robot mode. She had to admit she liked the skintight look of what she wore during the time she was under Sentius' control even if it wasn't a catsuit like it appeared to be.

After several hours going over the details and safety protocols Ted had written into the nanobot programming, Crissy was satisfied with what Ted had planned and went over to the scientist, who was using his Blueberry to check his email and such.

" Ted, I've looked things over and I'm satisfied with everything you've got prepared. If you have the nanobots ready, I'm set to have them injected into my body though I was wondering if you could do me favor and record all my, uhhhh, robot activities so I can see what I look and sound like later. Oh, I will have to go back to my room for a few minutes to get a few, uhhh, personal items I'll need to activate my, ummm, new look on life, " Crissy said before bending over and kissing Ted lightly on his cheek.

" Wow! She's really anxious to get this whole thing going! Maybe I should tell her about the side programs I've been writing that involve physical enhancements that the nanobots can be programmed to do for a host's appearance. Nahhhh, Crissy looks like she just wants to focus on becoming a robot for now. I'll tell her about that stuff when the time is right," Ted thought to himself as he watched the shapely figure of Crissy disappear from the lab in unabashed quickness.

Less than thirty minutes later, Crissy, wearing a T-shirt and denim shorts, returned to Ted's lab carrying a small bag in her right hand and almost swaggered up to Ted as if she was about to unwrap the Christmas gift she had always asked Santa for as a child. Without saying a word, Ted motioned for Crissy to take a seat at the far end of the room while he went to a locked drawer and retrieved a syringe and a small bottle.

" Ok, you're all set! You can, ummm, go into the bedroom for the, uhhh, activation sequence. While you're doing that, I'll activate the time settings in the nanobots and set up the video camera for your, ummm, robot activities. If you have any thoughts of calling this all off, let me know and I'll set the bots to dormant state right away, " Ted said as he injected the nanobots into Crissy's forearm and looked at the beautiful young woman and looked for any signs that she might be having second thoughts about this whole situation.

Crissy shook her head emphatically as she stood up and grabbed her bag from a nearby table. " No, Ted. No second thoughts or hesitation from me. I'm going into the bedroom and when you call me out, I'll be the sexiest robot you'll ever see! " she said emphatically before turning and heading into Ted's bedroom almost skipping as she went.

Leaving the door slightly ajar, Crissy quickly disrobed and sat down on the edge of the bed where she dug into her bag and pulled a chrome silver vibrator as well as a small tube of lubricant that she put on the bed beside her. Crissy settled onto the bed and with her lower legs pulled upwards, she applied a small amount of ointment to the end of the vibrator. Turning the sex toy on, Crissy started to apply it to the edges of her sex as her eyes fluttered in anticipation of the orgasm soon to ripple through her mind and her conversion into a human robot would happen. The latter part seemed to get Crissy's body that much more sexually excited and she felt herself building to a mind shattering orgasm. As she did, the nanobots inside Crissy became active and, as Ted planned, they worked with Crissy's ability to neutralize super powers only for her, they neutralized her ability to think for herself and self awareness and replaced it with obedience to Ted's every request and order.

After a very short period of time, Crissy reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her sex and turned the sex toy off. With a blank expression on her face, the nude woman took a seated position on the edge of the bed and waited for a command to set her in motion.

" Crissybot, please come out here and let me have a look at you, " intoned Ted from the other room in a voice louder than normal as the scientist wanted to make sure he was heard.

" Yes. Mas. ter. I. hear. and. obey, " Crissy intoned as she stiffly walked over to Ted and stood before him with her arms hanging stiffly at her sides, back arched and her eyes staring blankly ahead with no hint of independent thought evident in them.

" Well, well. Ya know, since we met in my bedroom a while back, I was more than a little impressed with your looks as well as, ummm, your other abilities. Yes, very impressed, " Ted murmured as he drew near the rigid woman and let his fingers explore her body with pronounced yet gentle gestures. Ted let his fingers follow a path from Crissy's shoulders down to the upper part of the woman's breasts where he lightly rested his right palm atop one breast and felt the woman's flesh tremble slightly under the touch. As his fingers went downwards across the woman's abdomen to touch her finely trimmed pubic mound and the edges of Crissy's vagina, Ted mentally flashed back to the time he had multiple heroines naked and eager to service him in any carnal manner he desired.

" No! I can't go back to that time! I have to respect Crissy even if she looks the ideal fembot that I'd love to have around 24/7, " Ted thought to himself as he walked around to the back of Crissy and ran his fingers down her back and let his hand come to rest on Crissy's supple ass.

" Crissybot, please go into the bedroom for personal pleasure we will be undertaking, " Ted intoned and nodded towards the bedroom he was entering as well.

" Yes. Mas. Ter. Your. Wish. Is. My. Command, " Crissy replied and walked stiffly into the bedroom where she stood by the bed while Ted undressed and sat down on it. With a minimum of prompting from Ted, Crissy faced him and put her legs on the outside of the scientist's legs. Bending down, Crissy took Ted's cock in her left hand and started massaging it in a way that surprised Ted with its gentleness and determination to see it become hard in a minimum amount of time. When Crissy's robotic thinking determined that Ted's cock had reached the desired , shstatee lowered her mouth onto and started sucking on it as if it was a delicious banana that she was eating with great relish. Although Ted was sexually experienced, he was seeing stars as Crissy methodically brought him quickly to the point that he was going to unload a load of hot semen into her mouth. Moments before that, though, Crissy pulled her mouth loose and with quick effiefficiencyshe pushed Ted back on the bed before mounting atop him and easing his cock into her vagina. As Crissy started to slide up and down in mounting sexual frenzy, Ted reached up and cupped her heaving breasts and smiled as he silently noticed the increased weight in them

The two bobbed up and down on the bed for a length of time before Crissy let out a might scream as she reached orgasm just as Ted unloaded his hot semen into her. As the two came down from their mutual moment of bliss, Crissy laid down next to Ted on her back and stared up at the ceiling with her arms at her sides.

" Mas. Ter, Was. That. Good. For. You? " Crissy intoned with a monotone that sounded very familiar to Ted.

" Yes, Crissybot, you were exemplary. Give me a few seconds and set yourself for some anal sex, " Ted intoned as he pulled himself into a sitting . position Ted watched as Crissy memechanically pulled herself out of bed and stood with her back to Ted. Crissy bent over and wrapped her hands around her ankles and lifted her head up with her eyes fixed on the the empty space before.

" Ready. For. More. Sex. Mas Ter, " Crissy intoned as she stood and waited for as long as it took Ted to recover enough stamina to initiate another passionate session of intimacy.

" Mmmm, Crissy, you are really something, " Ted muttered as he started to probe the supple young woman's ass with his cock while reaching forward and pulling Crissy's torso upwards so he could fondle and caress her heaving tits.

" Thank. You. Mas. Ter. I. Exist. To. Please. You, " Crissy replied as she felt her Ted's cock press into her and rejoiced in the knowledge that she was making her owner happy.

After much moaning and gasping, Ted consummated this round of sex with his jism flowing into Crissy as well as spraying onto the small of her back with some trickling down her taut, athletic legs. Feeling more energetic than anytime recently, Ted asked Crissy to lie back on the bed, grab her thighs with her hands and pull them upwards. Seeing Crissy do this quickly and effortlessly, Ted was tempted for the briefest of moments to take a picture for a future reminder but decided that wouldn't be appropriate. As he lowered himself down onto the beautiful woman prone on the bed and saw the peaceful look on Crissy's face as she awaited her owner to use her like the obedient robot she was, Ted reflected that for something that was primarily Crissy's fantasy, things had turned out very well for both of them.

Many hours later, Crissy's ability to think for herself returned to normal and she found herself alone and standing in the shower with the hot water streaming off her body and a soapy sponge clutched in her right hand. Given how her body ached somewhat in certain areas, Crissy knew that her time as a human robot was undoubtedly spent in more than one sexual encounter and that led to a small smile appearing on her pert face as she resumed lathering up her body and finishing a well deserved shower.

A short time later, Crissy walked back into the main work area where Ted was located and had a somewhat annoyed look on her face. " Ummm, Ted, when you mentioned the nanobots that were going to turn me into robot, you forget to mention that they could also change my appearance as well! " Crissy said and gestured towards her new D cup sized breasts and ass that was also larger in size.

" Ohhh, ummm, yeah, I guess I should have. I can program the nanobots to reverse the enhancements if you want though, uhhh, I think you look very nice like this, " Ted replied and smiled when he saw Crissy's cheeks turn slightly red upon hearing the compliment.

" Well, honestly, I think I look pretty good like this too. It's just that I wasn't prepared for these changes and my bra and panties don't fit any more! " Crissy said as she crossed her arms under her newly enhanced breasts and briefly glanced backwards at her posterior.

" I understand. Tell you what. Why don't you and I go down to Luscious Lingerie and I'll buy you whatever you want? My treat, " Ted said sincerely.

" Ok, but we're going to be swinging by that place that sells the custom fit latex catsuits on the way. I want something to wear for the next time, " Crissy said as she and Ted headed off for a day of shopping.

Crissy didn't mention to Ted that she was thinking over how to extend her time as a robot to a much longer period of time and how to share the gift with a few friends.

" The more, the merrier, " Crissy thought to herself.

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