World of Light - Part 3

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World of Light - Part 3

Postby Northern Chill » December 13th, 2010, 10:46 pm

World of Light, World of Darkness


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a serial base on Akonkid's League of Liberty and the storyline where several members of the Legion of Liberty fell victim to the villainess Madame Machine and were transformed into robots by one of her machines. Madame Machine herself was transformed accidentally by the Masked Merc as the story ended. In this serial, the heroines of one Earth travel to this alternate existence and find out just how much has changed since then. There are elements of sexuality, coarse language and other stuff that is considered decidedly adult so if this bothers you, please flee for the nearest Disney website now. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapter 3 - New world, old problems

The portal shimmered and crackled with energy as Kat Krusader, Emerald Tiger, Duality Dame and other members of the League of Liberty stepped through the opening and walked down a small ramp. After the last of the heroines stepped through and reached the end of the ramp, the portal shut down followed by a number of overhead fluorescent lights turning on.

" Hello! You must be the help that Ms. Universe was going to find for us on another world. I guess introductions are in order and so forth. My name is Byron Lecon and I'm CEO of several companies here in Liberty City. The Masked Merc considers me an important ally as I've spoken often in public in favor of his rule but I actually fund and support the resistance to his tyranny, " the blonde haired man said as he walked forward and shook Kat and Emerald's hands.

" I'm not sure if there's somebody like me on your world but I go by the name Vanishing Woman. I married Byron in secret just after the Masked Merc came to power and we helped form the underground resistance to his rule. You may notice there's not too many other people around here. That's because we operate in small cells in Liberty City and Metrobay for safety sake. We learned the hard way not too long ago, " the silver haired heroine said with a sad tone to her voice.

The heroines who had just stepped forward absorbed what they heard in silence for several moments before Kat spoke up. " Well, we're here to help all of you do what is needed to put an end to the Masked Merc's rule and hopefully figure out a way to turn the roboticized women back to normal somehow. I guess I should introduce everybody with me and get familiar with things here, " the veteran heroine declared as she gestured to the women behind her.

After twenty minutes or so of introductions and some rather awkward explanations of who wasn't there and why, the heroines moved to an adjoining room where the heroines gathered around a round wooden table. Several ideas were bandied about by the women such as a direct assault on the Masked Merc's base or using the portal mechanism to bring in more heroines from other worlds. However, these suggestions were dismissed as being either too risky (in the case of the former) or delaying the urgent action (in the latter's case).

" Well, this may be a bit of a radical suggestion but maybe we should capture one of the heroines that have been roboticized and see if there's a way that the process can be reversed without using the equipment Merc has been using, " Gypsy Moth suggested as she saw the others contemplate her suggestion in silence.

" That sounds like not a bad way to start. Why don't I go out on a little patrol and see who or what is going on in, ummm, this Liberty City? Duality Dame can go with me and we'll give you a shout if anything out of the ordinary happens, " Kat chimed in which drew an icy glare from her daughter.

" Not a bad idea, Kat. Just remember that as far as the general populace know, both of you, well, are.... " Vanishing Woman started to say before falling silent as the women motioned that this was something they had been briefed about before.

With that, the heroines separated with Kat and DD moving to set out on a unique patrol of the city. However, before the two could reach the door leading to the way outside, their way was blocked by a clearly irate Emerald Tiger. " If you two think you are going to start bouncing around alleyways and jumping across rooftops without me, that portal must have taken a small part of your minds during the trip here. I'm going with you and there's no way you're going to convince me to do anything else! Ok? " the heroine said with a mixture of confidence and something else underlying her words.

Kat and Duality Dame glanced at each other briefly before turning their attention back to Emerald Tiger. " Ok. We take the point and don't rush into a back alley fight without us. Got it? " Kat remarked only to see the green and black costumed heroine disappearing rapidly from sight before Kat got to finish talking.

" Kids... " Kat muttered quietly before she and Duality Dame set off to catch up with the exuberant Emerald Tiger.

A short time later......

The lights in Liberty City shone brightly on a warm summer night though the downtown area was much quieter than in the past. Part of this was due to the iron fisted rule of the Masked Merc and the female drones he deployed to carry out his dictations and declarations. The other reason was a long standing rumor that from time to time, the Masked Merc would send out squads of roboticized heroines to capture female citizens to bring back to his lair for experiments. Whether or not this myth was true, the clubs and downtown shops saw the number of women patronizing them dwindle as the time closed in on midnight.

" If things were this quiet back in my Liberty City, I might have taken a vacation in Metrobay or a place like that just to see a little action. This is almost like watching over a retirement community except this one has a megalomaniac running it. Hmmm, looks like something is up in that alleyway, " Rebecca thought as she perched on the edge of a multi story apartment and looked out into the area below. The heroine saw a woman that looked to be in her early twenties duck into the alleyway and hide behind a pile of wooden boxes as if someone was in pursuit of her.

A few moments later, Emerald Tiger saw three robots approach the alley accompanied by two women that looked to be wearing some sort of latex or rubber catsuits. As the group drew nearer, the heroine saw that the women were, in fact, the roboticized women under the control of the Masked Merc.

" Looks like it's time for me to do the hero thing and save a woman from evil robots, " Rebecca thought as she prepared to leap from the ledge and undertake several precise leaps to the alley below. At the last moment, though, a pair of hands clamped onto her right wrist and pulled her back.

" As I told you earlier, we observe first and act accordingly. This isn't our world and we have to make sure of things before we punch and kick ass, " Kat Krusader said as she looked the firey heroine square in the eyes.

" Before you two get into a squabble, you might want to get your attention back on the alley. I think there's something about to happen that we should focus on, " Duality Dame called out softly a few feet away and motioned downwards for emphasis.

The three heroines looked down and saw that the crouching woman stayed where she was as another dark haired woman scurried into the alley from an adjoining doorway. Moments later, the robots and roboticized heroines entered the top of the alley.

" Fuck!! I don't pay the money to the Merc's robot bitches and he sends a squad after me. I better hope that there's a way out of this alley or I.....UHHHH!!!! " the dark haired woman thought to herself as she started to run for the back of the alley only for the hiding woman to leap out and tackle her around the waist and drag her to the ground.

" The - Unit - Known - As - Sheila - Smith - Has - Been - Prevented - From - Escaping. She - Will - Come - With - Us - To - The - Master - And - Be - Judged - By - Him, " the blue skinned roboticized heroine intoned in a voice that made it clear she was part of the Masked Merc's army.

" I, I, I think the blue fembot is me. I mean, this world's me, uhhh, Duality Dame, " Sarah remarked with an uneasiness that indicated she had recognized the version of herself and was none too happy about it.

" That, that's right!! She tried to get away from doing as ordered and I stopped her. I'm a loyal citizen and do whatever the Masked Merc asks of me! Surely, there's some sort of reward for aiding the justified capture of a non compliant citizen of Liberty Grove, " the woman who tackled Sarah proclaimed as she alternated between pointing out at the captive and herself.

" We - Are - Not - Authorized - To - Reward - A - Citizen - For - Doing - What - They - Should - Do - You - Should - Ask - The - Master - In - Person, " the roboticized Duality Dame said and reached for the woman in question.

" No! No, I don't need to do that! I was just kidding! I was doing what any loyal person in this city would do! I helped you capture my own sister and don't need to see the Masked Merc about this! Really, you can forget everything I said about a reward. Just let me go! " the woman said as she tried to wriggle free from the reaching robot woman.

" You - Will - Come - With - Us - And - See - The - Master - With - Your - Sister, " Duality Dame said as she gripped onto both women with her hands.

" I think it's time we got involved, stealth be damned!! " Emerald Tiger said as the heroine stood up and started the process of leaping from fire escape landings to the alley below. Kat Krusader and Duality Dame were right behind her with the knowledge that the fight ahead could be a difficult one indeed.


"...must be difficult to move from place to place and try to help stop the Masked Merc's people. You don't who your friends and enemies are without taking a chance or two, " Gypsy Moth remarked as she toured the headquarters with Vanishing Woman and her husband.

" Well, most of the populace that we encounter are too scared or intimidated to do much of anything in any encounters. We just rely on teamwork and try to stay one step ahead of all the computerized..." Vanishing Woman started to reply before she trailed off and leaned against a computer desk. A moment or so later, Gypsy Moth and Byron heard the silver haired woman start to quietly sob as she held her left hand over her face.

" Stephanie, ummm, is there anything wrong? Anything I can do? " Gypsy Moth said sympathetically with Byron moving to embrace his wife.

" I, I've just been thinking about the time, ummm, the time that the Masked Merc managed to trap our Gypsy Moth in an ambush at the Liberty City stadium. The bastard actually had a television feed set up so everybody could see on television and the internet as his drones gradually cornered and forced her into, ummm, into that damn conversion booth! I, I don't think I'm ever going to forget that moment or two when the camera zoomed in and showed Gypsy change from a heroine I looked up to and admired to a mindless, black and silver skinned enforcer of the Masked Merc's every whim and order. If it wasn't for Byron, I don't think.... " Stephanie said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

" Easy, Stephanie, easy. You've held up well since then and I think you've been a shining example to everyone standing against this corrupt regime, " Byron said in a reassuring manner as he drew Stephanie closer to him.

" You've got a lot more allies here than you've ever had before, Stephanie. We'll find a way to put an end to the Masked Merc's rule for good and figure out a way to return everybody he's transformed back to normal, " Gypsy Moth added in a sympathetic voice as she placed her right hand on Stephanie's shoulder.

With these words of encouragement, Stephanie quickly stopped crying and finished showing Gypsy Moth the rest of the facilities for the resistance cell. Noting the late hour, Byron stated that he had to get back home to avoid raising suspicions with the Masked Merc and the number of spies he had in the city.

" Well, Esperandza, you can call this home while you're, ummm, staying here. It's not a four star room but its a place to sleep, " Stephanie said as she gestured towards a room that looked more like a college dormitory room than a guest room.

" Don't worry about it, Stephanie. In the morning, I'll tell you more about your counterpart on my world as well as some of the adventures we've been on, " Esperandza replied and hugged the silver haired heroine before retiring for the night.

With a confident stride, Stephanie made her way to her own quarters that were somewhat sparsely decorated save for several pictures of her with heroic compatriots in happier days. Settling down on a chair in front of her computer desk, the heroine slowly stripped off her costume followed by the underwear she was wearing underneath. After she finished undressing, Stephanie opened up a laptop sitting on the desk and connected to the internet via an encrypted modem.

Once she was done getting online, Stephanie went to a site that had a black background with two large white M's in the center of the page. Entering a password when prompted, Stephanie entered a chat room for the site where she started to type several sentences in rapid fashion. After a minute or so, the text disappeared and was replaced by a simple message:


Exactly thirty seconds after the message appeared on the laptop screen, circles of blue light started to flow outwards from the laptop and enveloped the silver haired heroine from the shoulders up. As the moments passed by, a slightly glazed look appeared in Stephanie's eyes. Her left hand cupped one of her breasts and started to caress it and tweak and pinch the rapidly hardening nipple. At the same time, Stephanie's right hand drifted down to her vagina and gently poked in and out of its tender folds with her fingers.

" It won't be long till I'm with them....obeying the master's command...and being with my one true love eventually... " Stephanie softly as visions of herself being a robotic drone like many of her League colleagues appeared in her mind.

With these thoughts, Stephanie soon brought herself to a tremendous orgasm even as she looked forward to her future life...

And betrayal....

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Re: World of Light -

Postby Akonkid » December 15th, 2010, 12:01 pm

Poor Stephanie. Whatever the reality or universe, Byron always seems to get her.

I love it. Can't wait for more.
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