World of Light - part 2

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World of Light - part 2

Postby Northern Chill » October 10th, 2010, 6:04 am

World of Light, World of Darkness


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a serial base on Akonkid's League of Liberty and the storyline where several members of the Legion of Liberty fell victim to the villainess Madame Machine and were transformed into robots by one of her machines. Madame Machine herself was transformed accidentally by the Masked Merc as the story ended. In this serial, the heroines of one Earth travel to this alternate existence and find out just how much has changed since then. There are elements of sexuality, coarse language and other stuff that is considered decidedly adult so if this bothers you, please flee for the nearest Disney website now. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapter 2 - New worlds, old dangers

Jupiter Justice hammered her fists repeatedly against the sides of the glass container that she had been placed in standing up by the drones of Masked Merc. Although the strength of the sinewy woman was formidable, Jupiter's blows yielded no change to her sealed enclosure.

" You know, I had one woman who almost hammered her out of a similar tube a while back. Who was it again? Purple Girl? Freak Woman? Unit 3, access your memory routines. Which woman was it that nearly damaged the conversion equipment previously? " the Masked Merc called out as he gestured with his right hand in a dramatic manner.

" According - To - Memory - Files - The - Last - Subject - Who - Tried - To - Stop - The - Process - Was - Known - As - She-Bulk - She - Tried - To - Break - The - Glass - And - Avoid - Her - Destiny - She - Is - Currently - In - Metrobay - Looking - To - Acquire - More - Units - For - The - Master. Would - You - Like - Me - To - Suck - Your - Dick - Now - Master? " the female robot that was formerly known as Golden Girl intoned as she walked to where her master was standing and stood rigidly at attention in front of him.

" Hmmm, you know, that sounds pretty good right about now. I've been building my Unit army pretty steadily and have let the personal things slide. Give it your best, Unit 3, " Masked Merc replied with a brief pause at one point.

" Yes - Master - Preparing - To - Engage - Oral - Pleasure - Routine, " Unit 3 responded before the yellow and black robot woman fell to her knees and extracted her master's large cock from his pants and started to bathe it with her tongue and massage it with her right hand.

" You're pathetic, Merc. You're using technology to take over Liberty Grove and god knows how many other cities and all you care about is getting a blow job from a woman you've turned into a mindless plaything. Kat claimed that you and her were in a special relationship that would last forever. Now, she's nothing more than a living sex doll to satisfy your needs. Is that what you really think of when you look at women? Huh? Just soulless playthings? " Jupiter screamed out even as she silently hoped that her words would cause the man responsible for her predicament to reconsider what he was about to do.

For a moment or two, it seemed like Jupiter's words had an effect as Masked Merc's eyes closed and the heroine could hear an audible sigh coming from the villain. However, Jupiter's hopes were quickly dashed as this was followed by Masked Merc laughing in a manner that caused the heroine to shiver ever so slightly.

" Man, this is, ummm, the best blow job I've had in some time! I don't know whether its due to your technique, Gol...Unit 3, or hearing yet another heroine try and get me to change my ways and see that I choose another path in life. Tell me, Jupiter Justice, any final words before you join your fellow League members in mindless servitude under me? Perhaps a parting vow of how the pitiful few remaining members of your little group will defeat me and bring down my kingdom on top of me? Hmmm..? " Masked Merc intoned as he stroked the hair of the gold and black coated Unit and shot a look of utter contempt in Jupiter's direction.

" You won't win! No matter how many of my friends you convert, you're going to lose! If Kat was able to, she'd tell you! She'd...GLUBBBB!!! " Jupiter Justice cried out defiantly before her words were interrupted by the sensation of the tube she was in rapidly filling with some sort of odd pink fluid. In a matter of seconds, the tube was filled and the nanomachines within the fluid permeated into the lithe heroine's body with ease. Before Jupiter Justice had a chance to react, the nanomachines started to rewrite her mind as well as alter her body's physical appearance. Jupiter Justice's mind started to shut down with all of her resistance dissipating and her body starting to take on a shiny metallic look. Independent thinking and awareness was quickly replaced by the cold programming of a mindless doll eager to please the master's commands at all times.

A very short time later, the fluids drained out of the tube and revealed Jupiter Justice's new form. Circuitry seemed to cover her eyes along with a light blue coating that seemed to be a tribute or mock the uniform the heroine used to wear. The newly created Unit's eyes were blank and devoid of emotion as it slowly raised its head in response to the Masked Merc and Unit 3 approaching the tube as it slowly ascended into the ceiling overhead.

" Unit - 55 - Is - Now - Online. The - Unit - Formerly - Known - As - Jupiter - Justice - Or - Janet - Jamison - Has - Downloaded - All - Programming - With - No - Detected - Abnormalities, " Unit 3 intoned as she stood stiffly to the left of the conversion area and stared without emotion at the newly transformed roboticized heroine.

" I - Am - Unit - 55. I - Am - Programmed - To - Obey - My - Master. This - Unit - Awaits - Your - Command - Master, " the newest drone in the Masked Merc's army intoned as she rigidly stood and awaited her owner's instructions. Jupiter's mind was now focused solely on obedience and following whatever order the unit was given no matter how depraved it may be.

" Ahhh, another one bites the dust!!! I should get one of my obedient yet so sexy drones to run the names of all the known League members and figure out the exact number left for me to neutralize in the near future. Right now, though, I feel like I need some time to relax and enjoy myself. Unit 55, follow me to my bedroom. Oh, and Unit 42, accompany me as well. I need a good back massage after a long day, " Masked Merc said quietly as he ran his right hand up and down the taut form of his newest conquest before turning and moving off.

" Yes - Master - I - Will - Comply, " Unit 55 replied as she marched behind her master towards the room in question. Halfway there, Unit 42, with an orange and silver look to her robotic appearance, joined them as instructed. A short time ago, Unit 42 was a mid twenties woman named Kendra McWilliams who was headed home one night after working late at her stock brokerage firm in downtown Liberty Grove. Unfortunately for Kendra, she happened to enter an area where two of the Masked Merc's female drones had just finished vanquishing the League member Lady Luck in a one sided battle. Kendra had tried to get away but her speed was no match for the drones' perfected physiques and she was quickly captured and brought back to Masked Merc's headquarters. Once there, Kendra was placed inside a conversion tube and her thoughts and worries quickly changed for a more fixated and logical approach.

" Unit - 42 - Is - In - The - Bedroom - As - Ordered - Master - Awaiting - Further - Orders, " the female drone intoned as it took a position to the right of the four post bed.

" Awwh, good. Unit 42, begin back massage while I sit down and spend a little quality time with my favorite drone, " Masked Merc said as he peeled off his costume to reveal the muscular frame of Hank Rogers underneath before sitting on the edge of the bed as the female drone moved behind him and started to rub and caress his upper back and shoulders.

" Mmmm, you know, I have to admit, things are going pretty good for me. Liberty Grove is under my complete control, there's nobody left to resist my benovelence and my lovely drones are making inroads in the nearby cities and towns for adding to my legion of lovely drones. So, why is it I feel, well, out of sorts? Unit 55, join me on the bed with Unit 1 and prepare to exhibit knowledge of sexual protocols, " Hank murmured as he stretched out on the four post satin sheet covered bed and placed his hand on the blue drone that was formerly known as the crime fighter Kat Krusader.

" Yes - Master - I - Hear - And - Obey, " Unit 55 responded and stiffly marched to the edge of the bed before sitting down and drawing herself to her master as ordered.

" You know, there are days where I wonder if I should get someone with technical knowledge to come in and look over Machine's original conversion apparatus and see if there is a way to reverse things for you, Unit 1. I know Kat will probably, heck, definitely never forgive me for what has happened to her but maybe if I try and change that. Oh, who am I kidding? If I did find a way to undo you and Duo Damsel and the others, you'd throw me in the deepest, darkest hole you could find and never come near me again. I, I don't know if I could deal with that, " Hank muttered softly as he caressed the transformed heroine's hair.

" Does - Master - Wish - For - Me - To - Please - Him? " Unit 1 asked as she stared at Hank with unblinking eyes and the devotion of a mindless drone.

" Ummm, well, I guess it's time for some fun. Unit 42, initiate pleasure mode and start to probe Unit 55's vagina area with your tongue. Unit 55, lie on your back and press Unit 42's head downwards with your hands as she pleasures you. Unit 1, prepare for sexual intercourse with your master, " Hank said as he leaned over and kissed the roboticized Kat on the mouth.

" Yes - Master - We - Obey, " the three drones intoned and in just a few minutes, the bedroom was quiet save for grunts and squeals of pleasure as Hank and his obedient drones engaged in wild pleasure. Outside the room, a number of other drones were performing the tasks given to them by their master and on computer monitors located on one wall, images flashed of drone activity in Metrobay, Liberty Grove, Rixo City, Hooter County....

Masked Merc's army was growing and there was seemingly no way of stopping them....

On another Earth..........

" I don't know if all of this equipment is going to do exactly as this Universe woman says it will. I know Sara and Britney looked things over and they're satisfied but I'm..... " Emerald Tiger muttered as she glanced at the machinery being set up by inside the League headquarters. Nearby, Gypsy Moth was huddled with several other League members discussing the details in the journey to the parallel universe Ms. Universe had described.

" Relax, Rebecca. Things will be fine and perhaps be a great moment for the League's history. We're venturing to a world that needs heroines to overthrow a tyrannical overlord and free a huge number of enslaved heroines and other women. It's something that we're going to be able to talk about when we're sitting around a table and chatting about the good old days, " Caitlin remarked as she patted her daughter affectionately on the shoulder.

" Just remember that you'll have the element of surprise on my world. As far as the average citizen knows, all of you have disappeared from public sight some time ago and Masked Merc has not denied the rumors that your, ummm, parallel compatriots have been converted to serve as mindless enforcers in his army. The portal will operate for exactly sixty seconds and take you into an area of the headquarters of the remaining resistance of the world. Now, I can't tell you for certain who you will find once you get there but I can assure you that you will find somebody, " Ms. Universe intoned solemnly as she handed out iPads containing all the information she had given to the League members as they waited for the necessary equipment to be assembled.

" I'm not sure leaving this many League members behind is such a great idea. If we're looking at a big army like Universe says, we're going to need everyone who can throw a punch and such, " Emerald Tiger said as she nodded behind her to the heroines that had summoned from every corner of Liberty City and updated.

Duo Damsel sighed as she patted the side of the portal that, when activated, would take the group of heroines to the parallel world where Ms. Universe originated from. " Rebecca, the criminal element that we deal with here in Liberty City aren't going to sit around and wait for us to return. It'll put pressure on Gorilla Gal and the others that have to look over things but I'm sure they're going to be able to handle things, " the veteran heroine remarked as she nodded towards the heroine in question, who was talking to Violet Vixen and Crimson Justice about patrol routes in Liberty City.

" All right, the portal is charging and you'll be able to step through when the light at the top switches from red to green. Oh, and in case you're worried that you're going to wind up stuck on my world, there's a copy of the portal schematics included with the data in your iPads. As we discussed before, I'll remain here to keep an eye on the portal for any, ummm, unwanted visitors and help out here with the League as needed. I've said this before but I want to repeat this: the Masked Merc is expanding his empire in all directions in my world and is extremely ruthless. There have been rumors that there are some heroines yet to be changed into robot women but are acting as double agents on his behalf. I have allies in the resistance but wary of anything or anyone who says or does something out of the ordinary. A lifelong friend here may turn out to be an enemy willing to have you turned into a mindless drone to enhance their own standing in this world, "

" Now, one last thing I want to tell you and this adds even more of a sense of urgency to what you're looking to do. There has been a rumor that the Masked Merc has somebody working on a portal device for him so he, and his army, can travel to worlds other than his own and conquer them. If that is the case, no one is safe from the Masked Merc's plans. You know what you have to do, " Miss Universe said solemnly to all the League members before turning and starting to power up the equipment.

" Mom, between you and me, I think I just felt a tiny, tiny bit of fear in me, " Emerald Tiger said softly as she leaned on Kat Krusader slightly.

" Between me and you, I think we all are just a little afraid, " Kat responded as the portal reached full power and the light at the top turned green.

" All right, League, let's step through and save a world, " Gypsy Moth called out as she led the heroines through the portal and the start of a mission unlike anything they had ever done before...

And one all hoped would not end as them joining the ranks of the Masked Merc's mindless minions....

To be continued........
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