World Of Light - part 1

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World Of Light - part 1

Postby Northern Chill » March 6th, 2010, 1:45 pm

A while back, I was mulling over Akonkid's older gynoid story involving the Masked Merc and a few heroines and thought up an idea for a serial involving a parallel Earth where these events played out and a crossover with the League's Earth. Here's the first chap of this serial...a bit on the dry side but I hope you enjoy!

World of Light, World of Darkness


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a serial base on Akonkid's League of Liberty and the storyline where several members of the Legion of Liberty fell victim to the villainess Madame Machine and were transformed into robots by one of her machines. Madame Machine herself was transformed accidentally by the Masked Merc as the story ended. In this serial, the heroines of one Earth travel to this alternate existence and find out just how much has changed since then. There are elements of sexuality, coarse language and other stuff that is considered decidedly adult so if this bothers you, please flee for the nearest Disney website now. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapter 1: A messenger of hope...and doom...

" Faster, Gil, faster! The bitch is gaining on us fast! " a dark haired man shouted from the passenger side of a car speeding down the mostly deserted city street with a motorcycle following close behind them.

" Yeah, yeah, I'm going as fast as this hunk of junk can go! We wouldn't have any problems if you hadn't tripped the bank alarm trying to get the last twenty out of that drawer, Larry! " the grizzled man behind the steering wheel snarled as he swerved to avoid a parked car.

" Don't fucking blame me for what you fucked up on! If you weren't trying to hit on that good looking women, we....LOOK OUT!!! " Gil shouted before noticing that they were headed directly for a pick-up truck parked on the right side of the street. A few moments later, the robber's car slammed into the truck and flipped over onto its side.

" Damn idiots! " Janet muttered as the Femcop slowed her motorcycle down and checked on the condition of the robbers. As Janet dragged the men clear of the vehicle, the dark haired woman didn't see the large energy spark starting to emanate in a nearby alley. A few moments later, the energy formed into a large circle and a female figure tumbled through it and onto the ground. Garbed in a purple and black catsuit with black high heel boots and jet black hair, the curvaceous figure would have been quite the sight if she was walking down any street in Liberty City. However, with the chaos in the nearby street, no one noticed the brightness announcing her arrival or heard her moans as she laid in the alleyway.

If they had stopped and learned her story, the people in the street might have quickly realized the woman was the key to saving their well as the one she came from.

At League headquarters.........

" It's been a pretty quiet night so far as criminal activity goes. No break-in's or robberies in the financial district and the biggest police call we've had was a tomcat stuck up a tree overlooking an elderly lady's house. This is the kind of night that any crimefighter can only dream of, " Kat Krusader murmured to herself as she leaned back in her chair and put her boots up on the table in front of her.

" Kat! Kat, turn the feed for the local news channel! There's something going on I think we should look into, " Duality Dame called out as she entered the room and motioned towards the monitors.

Knowing that her League colleague wasn't about to make a big deal out of nothing, Kat turned the feed on and saw Crystal Sanderson, the new lead reporter replacing disgraced June O'Connell who was let go after a bizarre report professing her love for a little known criminal called the Narcissist.

"....the first reports indicate that both wanted men have been taken to the nearest Liberty Grove hospital with non life threatening injuries. This is Crystal Sa...HEY!!! " Crystal started to say before the microphone was suddenly taken away from her by a woman staggering in front of her.

" Uhhh, if there are any super heroes monitoring this broadcast, I need to speak to you immediately! There is a threat that if it comes to this world, it could change everything you know forever! Please, I have to talk someone! " the woman cried out before the signal was cut and the studio anchors resumed talking for the newscast.

" I think we better get over there and check things out. I may be wrong but I think I have an idea who that woman is, " Kat said quietly and glanced briefly at a monitor at the far end before heading towards the nearest exit.

" Uhhh, ok, I'll join in a minute or so. I'll send out a message to the other League members to let them know we're on the way, " Duality Dame replied and turned her attention to a nearby monitor. After sending out the messages, the heroine punched up a list of heroines currently listed as missing or status unknown in the group's files. After passing over Suprema' name and picture with a heavy heart (the Legion's leader had yet to return from the heroines entanglement from the alien slaver known as Unity), Duality Dame found the picture she was looking for and the name associated with it.

" Ms. Universe, it seems you're finally back. Hopefully, you can provide some details on where you and Cosmo Girl have been for all this time, " Duality Dame muttered softly as she gazed at the images of the two heroines long absent from the city before turning off the monitor and heading off to join Kat Krusader in investigating the unexpected appearance.

Several hours later.........

" Sugar with your coffee, Ms. Universe? " Kat Krusader said as she poured a generous quantity into a black mug emblazed with the Legion's logo and looked at the purple unitard wearing heroine.

" Just, just coffee will be fine. I haven't had any since it was banned in the last round of Edicts, " Ms. Universe replied and accepted the mug she was handed as she got comfortable in the seat she was offered by the heroine.

" Ummm, I don't mean to be pushy but could you tell us where the heck you've been for the last little while? Last time we heard anything about you, you were supposed to be checking out some secret evil robot guy with your sidekick Cosmo Girl and there was nothing after that, " Duality Dame asked with her right hand grasping the back of another chair nearby.

" Well, you better sit down because what I'm about tell you is going to shock you and you're probably not going to believe me at first. Yes, I'm the heroine known as Ms. Universe but I'm not your Ms. Universe. You see, as crazy as it may seem, I come from an Earth that is, well, very much like this one but also very different, " the dark haired woman said to the women assembled around her.

There was several long seconds of silence in the room before Duality Dame coughed several times. " Ummm, yeah, ok, why don't you finish your cup of coffee while I call up a friend of mine who works at the Liberty Grove hospital and she can help interpret the story you're telling us, " the heroine said with a tone that clearly indicated she didn't believe anything Ms. Universe had just said.

" Look, I know what I just said sounds like something straight out of a bad science fiction movie or a resident of a mental asylum but hear me out, ok? On my Earth, there is a Liberty Grove and League of Liberty just like here. Well, there was a League of Liberty until the dark days happened. Somehow, a minor villain named the Masked Merc managed to acquire technology that was capable of transforming even the most powerful members of the League into mindless drones that would do his bidding and follow his orders with questions. Kat Krusader, Gypsy Moth, Duality Dame, they were all captured and converted with no signs that they'll ever be human again, "

" Once the Masked Merc had achieved this, he moved to take control of the city of Liberty Grove with his robot drones capturing more League members to convert to do his bidding. By the time anyone realized what was going on, it was too late for the majority of the League. As for the villains and those on the other side of the law, Merc unleashed a rather nasty ultimatum: leave the city or face certain death. I don't think the villains took the threat seriously until the gruesome discovery of Toymaster's head on a pike was made by police one morning. With that, most of the better known villains either left town for good or disappeared, " Ms. Universe intoned to her stunned audience.

" Whoah, whoah, whoah, this Merc guy started, what, roboticizing League members and no one tried to stop him? I kinda find it hard to believe that I, ummm, your Emerald Tiger would have just stood around and done nothing as her friends and family disappeared in that way, " Emerald Tiger exclaimed as she had joined the group after getting the summons.

Ms. Universe took a drink from her coffee cup before looking in Emerald Tiger's direction. " Actually, Emerald Tiger did respond, from what I know. Apparently, Emerald Tiger and about four or five League members conducted a raid on what they thought was the Masked Merc's main headquarters. After that, well, it..... " the heroine said before trailing off.

" What? What happened? " Emerald Tiger called out even as a look appeared on her face that made it obvious she suspected what transpired.

" Ummm, well, no one knows for sure what happened during the raid. However, a day or so later, footage popped up on the internet that showed what looked to be Emerald Tiger dressed in a skintight latex costume leading other drones belonging to the Masked Merc as they attacked and overwhelmed the Femcops headquarters. After that, the Masked Merc went on local television to announce that Liberty City was now under his benevolent leadership and his rules and directives were to be obeyed and followed without question. He went on to show the army of drones behind him that would be ensuring that everybody followed his edicts and intimated that resistance would be dealt with swiftly and harshly, " Ms. Universe said quietly as shocked and horrified looks crossed the faces of the heroines around her.

" So, so this Merc guy basically runs the entire city and we, ummm, the Legion was turned into his mindless drones completely? Is there anybody besides you left on your Earth who is looking to resist the Merc and his female drones? " Kat asked with her arms folded under her impressive sized chest.

" Well, there is a resistance or I wouldn't be here right now. Actually, we thought we had a helping hand arrive literally from the skies when a massive space ship settled over the skies of Liberty Grove. The entity controlling it announced it was named Unity and was there to promote cooperation with sentient beings throughout the galaxy. Before the resistance had a chance to talk with the aliens and form some sort of an alliance, the Masked Merc managed to get some of his drones onto Unity's ship. Before anybody realized what was going on, the ship veered away and crashed into a hill outside Liberty Grove. There is rumors that the Masked Marc added technology his drones found in the wreckage and made himself that much more powerful, " Ms. Universe said before finishing off her coffee and setting the cup on a nearby table.

" Ok, so this Masked Merc has managed to, ummm, roboticize most of us, ummm, of the League. That doesn't explain how you got here though. Was it through a dimensional portal or something like that? " Kat Krusader said with a silent thought that this wasn't quite a case of a lunatic wearing a familiar costume after all.

" Well, one of the scientists working for the resistance invented a dimensional gate that would allow one or more individuals to pass through to a parallel world to find help for our plight. They needed a volunteer who was strong enough to deal with a world that may be hostile to unknown arrivals. I think the inventor watched too many science fiction shows as a child but that was the protocol that we used and, well, here I am, " Ms. Universe said with the slightest of smiles crossing her face.

" Ok, ok. Assuming everything you say is on the up and up, how do we get to your world? It's not like we have a few spare parallel dimensional transportation devices lying around here, " Gypsy Moth asked with a slight nod to the surroundings.

" That was discussed prior to my journey. Here is a notepad with all the details and such to assemble such a portal as well as the coordinates needed to go to my world. I know this might be a little bit of a daunting task but we really need your help to stop the Masked Merc before my world falls completely under that maniac's control. If you have any trouble with the logistics of the portal, I would suggest talking to Suprema as she was a great help to the resistance in setting up the one I used, " Ms. Universe said quietly.

A few seconds of awkward silence passed before Gypsy Moth spoke up. " Ummm, yeah, there's a few things you need to know as well about our world. You see, a while back, the sky..... " the heroine said as she started recount the events of Unity and such.

As the Unity story was related with interjections from the League members at times, many of the heroines gathered in the room found their thoughts turning to the dangerous mission that laid ahead and if any of them might fall to the machinations of the Masked Merc.

On the parallel earth in question..........

" Ohhh, my aching head. Where, where the hell am I? " a brunette dressed in a skintight blue and white outfit moaned as she awoke and found herself in unfamiliar surroundings.

" Ahhh, Jupiter Justice, nice of you to join me and my staff. I'm sorry our meeting couldn't happen in another location but your Resistance friends have a habit of not informing me where your secret headquarters is located, " the Masked Merc called out from the other side of the room even as he was motioning to people the heroine didn't see.

" Yeah, yeah, you got me but it's only temporary. I was on my way to a meeting with a person that has proof your roboticizing work is wearing off and Kat Krusader and Duality Dame will break free and make you sorry for what you've done to them, " Jupiter Justice called out defiantly as she tried to get her bearing.

The Masked Merc chuckled softly upon hearing the heroine's defiant words. " I have to say, I'm a little amused that you fell for that little ruse so easily. If you want proof that it was a trap, you might want to look at the women around you that are going to remove your uniform. Drones, please remove Jupiter's outfit at once! " the villain called out while cupping the breast of the drone formerly known as Golden Girl with his right hand.

Suddenly, hands clamped onto Justice's arms and despite her own impressive strength, she was unable to shake free. As her outfit was torn away, the heroine gazed into the blank faces of the drones around her and saw that they were Kat Krusader and Duality Dame, now the mindless drones of the Masked Merc.

" Now that you've been relieved of you clothing, I think it's time you joined your former colleagues in servitude of my every whim and desire. It'll be nice to have a new drone at night around here at night, " the Masked Merc said as he caressed Golden Girl's taught body casually.

" Nooo! You can't win! Someone will stop you! Someone will stop you! " Jupiter Justice called out as she was dragged kicking and screaming towards a glass tube she had heard about in the past.

" Maybe that's true but it won't be you, " the Masked Merc said with a small smile as the lights came on in the room and row upon row of obedient drones stood behind him waiting for his command and order.

To be continued.....
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Re: World Of Light - part 1

Postby Akonkid » March 6th, 2010, 8:22 pm

Very compelling! I can't wait to read the next installment!
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Re: World Of Light - part 1

Postby Northern Chill » March 10th, 2010, 11:40 am

Glad you liked it, Akonkid! I can't put an exact time frame on the next chapter though I have it plotted out..just need to put in the bridge scenes mentally...:)
Check out past covers from stories found here as well as text stories I've written at

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