HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

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HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

Postby jpeger » September 24th, 2009, 11:37 pm

And were off!! It's been an exciting week for everybody involved with Mind Control Comix. I'm sure it's been a specifically taxing Month(s) for Dr. Robo. If you have an opportunity to send him an e-mail, you should. I'm a very "behind the scenes" person, and I'm sure this stressed-out the good Dr. much further than he needed to be.

On that note, however, this site is opened, and we're well on our way. The launch was a little rocky (as any new website will be), but I feel that everybody involved is handling it well, and the patience of all of the members and visitors is outstanding. We had a great group of artists here, and we will continue to provide a fantastic product for your enjoyment.

As you can see, McComix.Com is a few dollars cheaper a month than our predecessor, and flagship site, Hipcomix. The reason is, we update a few days less. Therefore we decided to cut the subscription rate of this website in direct proportion to the amount of updates you will be receiving. We also offering a special during our first month of operation which will lock all subscribers into a very low monthly rate forever. We hope you take advantage.

McComix.Com will be dedicated completely to mind control and hypnosis style of comic books. These comic books will be adult in nature. Not necessarily pornographic (but don't rule it out), however the focus of the comics will parallel the mind controlled fetish. This does not necessarily mean we will be limited to only mind control, but that will be the main focus.

This also does not mean that we will not be doing any more mind control material over at Hipcomix quite the contrary. In fact, the reason we opened this site was because of the increase that we have found in the demand for this material amongst our visitors. So please consider this site a low cost complement to The Hipcomix Universe. So if you are considering canceling your membership over at Hipcomix, I would fear that you would miss out on some of the exciting stories on Hipcomix that tend to be more super heroines in bondage based.

Once again I would like to welcome everyone to McComix.Com personally. The huge thanks goes out to Dr. Robo and Finister Foul, for without them, this site would be dead air. A legend in the comic book world, Stan Lee, coined the phrase "'Nuff said". The only other thing I can add to that is something I say on every one of my updates, and that is, "thanks for reading". We all seriously appreciate it.


On to my first update. I have to admit it's rather weird to do a comic book that has no superheroine, power to overcome, magical laser beam that is pointing to the earth, or Dark Overlord that is summoned to earth through a Blackberry. However I feel that I've put together a fun story about a couple of girls that are just looking for a little more out of life. I call the story HypnoAugmentation. It's based on the theory that your mind control was your body. To stay true to my world of "University City", I borrowed a character that I'm sure the mind control community has already met, and has grown to love it as much as I have. This is a side story that runs parallel with my current running University City.

Our old friend of Mesmero has decided he's going to work on the side as an erotic hypnotist at a sorority party. How does that man get all of the good gigs? In the first episode, our lovely sorority girls take part in a little exhibitional experiment in the hands of our wonderful Dr. Mesmero. Want to find out what happens next? JOIN TODAY!

Members can read the first adventure Here
http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery2 ... temId=1200

Samples can be found here.

Again... Thanks for reading.

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Re: HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

Postby Akonkid » September 26th, 2009, 12:47 am

An enjoyable read, but it was a frustrating tease too. ;) It has me really hoping for the next chapter.

It's great to see Dr. Mesmer return. His presence has typically defined my favorite stories by Jpeger, whether Dr. Mesmera is controlling The Gymnast, Wind Princess, or Electron. If he shows up, you darn well know somebody is going to get entranced and stripped naked at some point.

... but we're not to that point... yet. I can't wait to see what mischief he has in store this time though.
If she would just do what I asked, I wouldn't need to use mind control!
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Re: HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

Postby Trishbot » October 1st, 2009, 11:29 am

Between massive mind control machines, twisted brainwashing chairs, evil hypnotic gym clubs, manipulative magic, and mesmerizing mammaries, it's good to see some traditional hypnosis thrown in for good measure. :) Good job thus far.
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Re: HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

Postby ach202577 » April 24th, 2010, 12:01 pm

so are the two heroines in your recycler series going to overcome their controlling I hope so
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Re: HypnoAugmentation - Members update - Chapter one

Postby ach202577 » April 25th, 2010, 12:58 am

so, now the doctor has or will have his collection of legion hotties will give it 2 more reads before I pass judgement who doesn't he have?
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