Member's Update July 20th 2010 - NEW SERIES!

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Member's Update July 20th 2010 - NEW SERIES!

Postby jpeger » July 22nd, 2010, 6:01 pm

It was a normal day for Leslie Black. Normal as a junior in college could expect. Her past have not caught up with her in many years. She was now settling into the life that a young college student could enjoy. It seemed almost a lifetime ago that she was released from the youth detention center in university county. It had been 10 years she was free. She could now begin enjoying her life.

However, some old friends aren't finished with her yet. She had skills. Skills that once again were in need. Skills that she wished she did not have.

The two men that would arrive at Leslie's doorstep was just beginning of her upcoming nightmare. Episode One posts today. Hope you enjoy it.

For members, please enjoy Episode One of Hackers Horror at ... emId=12418

Guests can get a glimpse of the excitement at ... emId=10187


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