Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#09

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Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#09

Postby mitru » January 28th, 2024, 1:53 am

Flying at top speed...crossing the city in a matter of second...Miss Muscle flew towards an apartment building...which was fully ablaze. Her sapphire blue eyes...noticed that fire fighters...who had cordoned off the area around the burning building...were struggling to contain the blaze.. However her heightened sense of hearing...allowed her to detect above the crackling flames...that someone was still inside the burning building on one of the top floors. "Have to act fast" resolved the Maiden of Might as she accelerated towards the building. Angling her voluptuous and muscular golden tanned body...the Herculean Heroine descended...her large  erotic bare golden tanned feet first...crashing through the roof...and alighting into a corridor inside of the building.

Her giant firm golden tanned breasts bobbing sexily underneath the tiny golden string bra which barely covered them...her muscular golden bronzed arms...her long muscular golden bronzed legs moving in the soles of her erotic bare golden bronzed feet made contact with the plywood floor beneath them...Miss Muscle raced through the searing heat and thick smoke...finding an old man barely conscious...trapped beneath some debris. 

"Hold on!...I'll get you to safety!" assured the Bodacious Bodybuilder as she effortlessly tossed aside the debris and picked up the old man...who did not know what to make of the seven foot a flimsy golden bra and golden thong panty...with a golden mask covering the upper part of her beautiful face...framed by a long mane of golden hair.

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