Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#06

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Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#06

Postby mitru » January 7th, 2024, 3:02 am

North End district
10.30 pm

The veteran US congressman had absolutely no idea that at that moment...his 22-year-old daughter...lay topless and unconscious in a darkened alley near some old her sexy and super-powered alter-ego as the Top Heavy Dark Ebony Superwoman....BLACK TIGRESS.

"The black super bimbo's finally out cold. Get her in the car. We need to split before the cops come back here" said a fourth clown...referring to a nearby warehouse in which 20 Detroit Bones gangsters...lay dazed or unconscious...nursing multiple injuries after their hideout had been discovered by the city's feared female vigilante...the SCORPION WOMAN.

Black Tigress made the unwise decision to battle the Venomous Vixen...and paid the price...being comprehensively beaten to within inches of unconsciousness before Scorpion Woman left. Her strength...stamina...and speed of 20 Bengal tigresses...severely depleted from that battle...Black Tigress was an easy target for the Killer Clowns...who ambushed her and knocked her unconscious.

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