Shazzan- Heroine of Arabia -Issue#06

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Shazzan- Heroine of Arabia -Issue#06

Postby mitru » July 3rd, 2022, 2:41 am

Hours later

Her erotic shiny brown bare feet planted flat on the surface of her magic carpet...her muscular shiny brown legs spread slightly apart..her muscular shiny brown arms extended on either side of her voluptuous and muscular shiny brown body...the night air blowing against her enormous firm shiny brownnbust and between her large shiny brown thighs..barely clad by thin veils of black silk..which formed her tiny bra and tiny panty...her brown eyes filled with determination in the slits of her thin black silk mask..which stretched across the upper part of her beautiful face which was framed by her thick mane of black hair...Shazzan flew towards her destination..a house on the outskirts of Agrabah.

Seeing a light coming from a window on the upper floor of the house...the Busty Arabian Superwoman flexed her large shiny brown thighs and leapt off her carpet as it flew over the house.

Her entrance caught the attention of a 40 year old man...who was dressed in fine silk attire and leather boots..befitting his status as one of the most privileged members of the Sultan's court. "Ah!...The Mighty Shazzan!.. Long have I heard the tales of your exploits against the evildoers in the Kingdom of Arabia!..To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit by such a beautiful and powerful woman to my humble home?" asked the noble as he turned to greet his guest.

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