Shazzan- Heroine of Arabia -Issue#02

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Shazzan- Heroine of Arabia -Issue#02

Postby mitru » June 5th, 2022, 3:29 am

However as she flew towards her destination..a gust of wind stirred up around her..which she paid no attention to.

This proved to be a grave mistake on the part of the beautiful young Arabian superheeroine. "Moons of Muhammad!!!..My magic carpet turns against me..its strands bind my hands together!!" cried Shazzan in alarm. Before she could use her strength of 20 men to free moved faster than she could act. She was amazed as a man's hand rose from the carpet..and reached between her thighs..finding its way underneath her thin translucent black silk panty...while other hands rose towards her enormous firm shiny brown bust.

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