XGALs - Castle Freakstein #2

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XGALs - Castle Freakstein #2

Postby mitru » April 21st, 2019, 2:15 am

Hello folks! Here we're with a new udpate of XGALs Castle Freakstein's comic adventures...

While the infamous Dr. Freakstein gets his last slave shipment ready... The brave Lady Shade advances towards the cold castle corridors using her teleport powers to get invisible for Viktor's security systems, determined to ruin his kinky business... Meanwhile her unexpected new ally, Trickssy Queen, is proceeding with her act of distraction at the castle gates...

CLICK HERE to read XGALs - Castle Freakstein #2: http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/XGALs/Castle-Freakstein/Issue-2


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