GRIM NOIR - Spellbound #3

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GRIM NOIR - Spellbound #3

Postby mitru » November 18th, 2018, 3:35 am

Greetings everyone! Here we're with a new update of or Halloween 2018 horror comic special...

Selma fell and fell through a tunnel of cold shadows for minutes that seemed a eternity... She plunged along an endless void portal... but suddenly... ... She landed on a strange muddy and rocky landscape, still surronded for the magic energies that brought her into what looked as a distorted magical plain.

With no time to react, a glamorous flower garden emerged from the dry land surrounding her... A cloud of magical dust and pollen embraced her around while strange voices echoed in the void... transforming her in to something new!

CLICK HERE to read GRIM NOIR - Spellbound #3:


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