GRIM NOIR - Spellbound #2

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GRIM NOIR - Spellbound #2

Postby mitru » November 4th, 2018, 3:17 am

Hello everyone! Here we're with a new update of our MCcomix's Halloween 2018 special comic...

Embraced by a calm and relaxing sensation... Selma was unaware fo the magic mist surrounding her... Until the mysterious pink energy reached her!

A strange voice echoed deep inside her mind, whispering a strange prophecy... A barrage od pure sexual energy got into her, turning her on. Totally driven by the power of a lethargic sexual desire buried deep inside her while she felt herself dragged into a black dimension of pure sexual energy!!!

CLICK HERE to read GRIM NOIR - Spellbound:


Read on! ONLY in!
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