XGALs Black Strix - Shutdown #12

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XGALs Black Strix - Shutdown #12

Postby mitru » September 23rd, 2018, 4:32 am

Greetings folks! Here we're with a new comic update of BLACK STRIX's "Shutdown"...

The former superheroine teamates, Ablaze and Black Strix are anganged in a furious combat battle for survival. The now converted Crimson is faithful to Destino's cause and she's determined to release the nano-virus to subdue all the Capitol City population.

Tonya knows that her former friend is buried among the personality layers of this new arch-villainess and she has a plan to bring her back again...

CLICK HERE to read XGALs BLACK STRIX - Shutdown #12: http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/XGALs/Shutdown/Issue-12


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