A brief note on the new MoHD covers

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A brief note on the new MoHD covers

Postby Tecknophyle » May 21st, 2013, 11:41 am

A second one just went up, with the highly-detailed description of "Coming Soon".

A note for readers for when they come out. I'm assembling the story for the big "Master of His Domain" sequel, but in the meantime what I'm doing is producing short, one-shot stories. These stories will be introducing characters and/or situations that will cross over to the main storyline, or sometimes side-stories involving the main characters. Consider them "slice of life" vignettes about the larger setting of the story world where you'll be introduced to potential enemies and allies of Rudy, his family, and his team. But never assume who ends up the friend and who ends up the enemy...
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