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Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: February 14th, 2012, 5:05 am
by Doctor Robo
Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up on my responses. I'll try to answer your questions and comments as best I can:

@Madcap: I had concerns about the face mask myself, but Uncle Sickey and I decided to give it a shot and try something new. Also, we intentionally didn't completely destroy her personality, we just removed it from her physical body/brain. Will she get it back one day? I don't know yet, but maybe...

@Leto17: You're right, the mask is removable. We built that in for a couple of reasons, which some of you have already guessed. :)

@Hector: We don't mind if you disagree with some of our ideas. Everyone is going to have their own opinions on what is hot and what isn't. We appreciate your continued support and feedback, though!

@MacroLass: That's a good point. Did Alpha (figuratively) screw himself by putting severe limitations on his only connection to the outside world? Or does he think he has grown beyond the need for Fawn as a human being?

@Adon: Glad to hear you enjoyed the issue so much. I don't do a lot of severe transformations in my stories, partially because I like soft womanly flesh and partially because I need to be able to re-use most characters in other stories. But, Uncle Sickey and I pretty much created Fawn just for this purpose, so we figured we would take the plunge and go all the way!

- Doc

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: February 27th, 2012, 9:38 pm
by Hector2
Hi Uncle Sickley and Doc Robo!

Only a comment about your cover: It´s awesome! I remember those EC comics covers with a monster dragging a damsel in distress into a sewer or a dungeon and the headers: Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror or The Haunt of fear: the terrible, inhuman robot dragging the very human damsel in distress!

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 2nd, 2012, 5:01 am
by Doctor Robo
Exclusively at, Uncle Sickey and Doctor Robo present the fourth and final chapter of their limited “Femina Machinae” series! ... emId=44169

The rogue artificial intelligence known as “Alpha” has gone into self-survival mode at the expense of its creator, Fawn Buxley. Fawn has been captured and transformed into a human robot, with no thoughts of her own other than how to best serve her heinous master. Now Alpha realizes that his sole means of survival is gone, and has to act quickly before he is discovered. So what does he plan to do? Find out in the final (for now) chapter of “Femina Machinae”, available now at! ... emId=32375

For more information on Metrobay Comix and, visit our Metrobay Encyclopedia wiki at or our deviantART page at

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 2nd, 2012, 11:16 am
by kakyo001
as stated earlier I thought this story would have a different turn (after reading the teaser and the first sentence of the first issue)

my reasons why I thought it would be different:
- a different "brain" in the teaser (beta instead of alpha... in softwaredevelopement the alpha-phase is set before the beta-phase and thus I thought beta was the later model)
- Fawn had a different personality (way more open for the scanning/probing process)
- in the first issue we're greeted with the sentense "several years ago"

what I thought would have happened:
- Fawn was able to free herself somehow / got freed by someone working in the lab
- alpha is used as a template for beta (beta having more restrictions than alpha to avoid something similar)
- Fawn wasn't completely free of the programming (her sexual desires changed forever... explaining her behavior during the teaser)
- beta, after gaining a sentience of its own, has similar ideas like his predecessor and the circle starts anew

oh well... looks like I gave the teaser too much credit and fooled myself :)

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 3rd, 2012, 11:45 am
by teridoll
Wanted to chime in and let you know I loved the story and overall look of fembot. The shining seamless silver and helmet that too away all her individuality reminded me of a bane look and I enjoyed the complete stripping of the individual being different from the usual mind control in the other stories. I am sure as Alpha evolves, he could move fembot back and forth between her human Fawn form and the total silver robot, so she can assist him in capturing more fembots and also helping him evolve to the beta stage.

Well done and I hope we don't have to wait too long for a continuation or spin off of this story.

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 3rd, 2012, 2:14 pm
by leto17
This was awesome! Thanks alot! I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 4th, 2012, 8:39 am
by madcap
Great series, guys! Based on the "To Be Continued" at the end I'm guessing that you're going to be picking this up in a new short series with a new name, perhaps? Kind of like the way Grime City Stories is set up maybe? I can't wait to see how this new girl is converted (if she'll look the same as Fembot or if she'll be more human looking so they have an agent who can be their "face" or whatever). The only thing I didn't care for was the way that Fembot moved in some of the panels...didn't seem very robotic to me. I think I get what you were going for, the whole "monster kidnapping a girl" thing, and it worked very nicely in that regard, but it's not the way I would expect a mindless robot to move.

In any event, I can't wait to see more! Can you give us any idea when the story might continue, or is it too soon to say?

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 10th, 2012, 10:43 pm
by Hector2
First of all, I must admit Macrolass was right: Alpha’s decision are very logic in the context of an adolescent brain obsessed with sex, but when it comes to it’s own survival, he didn’t take the best decision transforming Fawn from a normal human into a fembot.

This comic is interesting: the first five pages shows Fembot ready to pleasure Alpha, but it does in a wayt that seems uniquely human: The way this robotic body moves doesn’t really reminds me of a robot but a very sexy human being. The way it seems to imply that the robot still can move like a human and the way the flesh has been substituted by metal and all the lubrication on demand thing… it does make me think that even when Fembot is a robot, she still needs to show human being’s characteristics.

In the next three pages, Fembot moves like the normal depiction of a robot, and she even shows a… ray… a mental ray? Hypnotizing laser ray?

The next strange thing is Nadia Guerrero. She wants to defy the preconception of a dumb blonde, but the way she dresses… doesn’t seem to me that it will help her defying stereotypes… but then again, maybe those are my own prejudices at work.

The part where Fembot captures Nadia and forces her into being another fembot was great… that is a robotic monster! The last panel was great! I cannot wait to see next issue, excellent (and even thought-provoking!) work.

PD: “Wriggling it’s methal phallus where no man has gone before”: A Star Trek reference? Really?

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 14th, 2012, 1:59 pm
by Doctor Robo
Hi everyone. Sorry for the delayed responses, but I'll do my best to answer your comments:

@kakyo001: The Alpha-Beta thing (and Fawn's personality shift) was simply change in story philosophy. I made some small changes between the teaser and the publication of the first issue. Nothing deeper to worry about than that.

@teridoll: I'm glad you approve of the FemBot look. Uncle Sickey and I don't have any concrete plans for a sequel yet other than we have in fact discussed it. If we do figure out something solid we'll let everyone know.

@leto17: Thanks! Anything in particular that you enjoyed?

@madcap: You're right, we were going for a bit of a vibe where Alpha was acting out through FemBot, which explained the awkward movements. Maybe we can streamline that for the next go-round.

@Hector2: You got me. Who doesn't like a little Star Trek reference once in a while? Aside from that, I figured that Metrobay has its own standards for dress and Nadia's schoolgirl outfit would fit right in on campus.

- Doc

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: March 22nd, 2012, 6:17 pm
by leto17
I like how the entire concept is playing out and look forward to more. I just love those silver bodies and the sexual interaction between Alpha and Fembot.

Re: The Metrobay Chronicles: Femina Machinae

PostPosted: September 27th, 2012, 9:15 am
by bluemax2
Where are you?
We all miss you and your incredible work here at McComix.
Please come back, soon.