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Re: Black Lightning Chapter One Uploaded

Postby Hector2 » November 25th, 2011, 9:21 am

Hi UncleSickey!

Thanks for your answer!

Talking about your last issue of Black Lightning, the best part (for me) was meep meep.

Seriously, It seems that Meep Meep is a robot with a limited A.I. When Rose Thorne ask a “sample” of Black Lightning, it seems to misunderstand her about the kind of “sample”. Then he is eager to take advantage of Black Lighting and, last, Rose Thorne promises him a night with it.
It’s like a dildo with AI. An interesting concept.

I believe that a strange machine that takes advantage of an heroine is one of Finister Foul and doctor Robo fetishes. I would suggest that, if the robot could make a neural synopsis with the heroine’s brain, it culd adjust itself to give her maximum pleasure.

Just a tought.

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