Victory City: Lord Prospero saga

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Re: Victory City: Lord Prospero saga

Postby Mr. Cryptic » August 29th, 2013, 3:59 am

Lord Prospero has been defeated!
However, as the Triskelion mercenaries hastily retreat from Victory City, the heroine known as Brickhouse is still under Prospero's spell!
Naked and imprisoned in a Victory Legion high security cell, she burns to serve and obey her master again!
See it in Victory City #47, in the MC Comix Member's area, now!

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Re: Victory City: Lord Prospero saga

Postby jrhcl2 » September 4th, 2013, 8:22 am

Hello Mr. Cryptic!! Finally, Prospero is defeated!! I hope what Ishtar said is true that we won't be seeing him for a while!! For me the Prospero saga was way to onesided, Prospero way!! But it did bring up a lot of questions about Ishtar. Who is she !! She showed during this saga she has very little skill at using magic!! I'm wondering if Ishtar truly is a Goddess or if she is immortal?? I'm thinking she might be just a mortal woman who found the magical garments in a temple and the garments gave her the power of a goddess and make her immortal, the woman that wear the magical garments now, really isn't that experienced at being a heroine and is inexperienced at using magic, this woman is still learning to use magic.

As Least to me it would be a good reason why she looked so bad thru out this whole saga!! It would explain her inability to defeat Prospero even when he was a novice mage, also when he gained power on her level, why she still couldn't defeat him. I mean Ashley has the power of the American Goddess because she wear those garments!! It might be the same for the woman that wear the guise of Ishtar now, you have shown over and over again she has no powers when she's not wearing the garments. Does Ishtar even have magical powers without the garments?? Judging by Ashley a powerless mortal girl, who is now a powerhouse and Brickhouse in the legion story worn Ishtar garments and gain the powers of the love Goddess. I'm beginning to believe that anybody that possess those garments will gain the power of the Goddess of love and war. This woman who now wears the guise of Ishtar is not a goddess, she only has that title because she wear the magical garments. She's not really the Queen of the Gods, I'm thinking the title of the queen of the gods is given to the woman who wears the magical garments. (It the magical garments!!) Whoever wears the garments gains the power and becomes the queen of the Annunaki Gods. This woman that possess the garments now whoever she is, now has the power of the goddess of love and war, also the right to be called Ishtar and sit on the throne of the gods, she's just some woman who lucked out and found the magical Garments. This would also prove my theory that the Annunaki gods are a lower level pantheon of Gods. Any woman could be their queen, she just has to posses the magical Garments!! This is my theory for why the woman that wears the guise of Ishtar right now preformed so badly as a heroine and sorceress in the Lord Prospero saga!!!!

There was some heroines and a goddess who did impress me, Ocelot woman showed she has skills, saving Ishtar, and she was able to overcome a challenge, she almost defeated Prospero before he used his stolen magic. I was also impressed with Sonic siren and Pitbull, they easily defeated Ishtar, showing that Ishtar isn't the world greatest hero, she's not even tough!! Even Prospero impress me, even those I don't like him, a novice mage mopping the floor with Ishtar!! Exposing Ishtar as a unskilled sorceress, and not the power that everyone make her out to be!! Panthera Khan was the goddess i was most impressed with, she's all the things Ishtar isn't , smart, tough and resourceful!! Panthera Khan is more like I think a goddess should be, Ishtar has power, but she has no skills when it come to using that power. I know I sound like a broken record but Ishtar was a real disappointment !! Ishtar by far was the biggest disappointment of all the heroines and the Goddesses!! This Saga still left one long standing question about Brickhouse, is she a hero or a want to be villain?? All she ever does is attack her fellow teammates!!I can't wait to read a new story and to see the new villain the legion has to deal with!!
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Re: Victory City: Lord Prospero saga

Postby Mr. Cryptic » September 12th, 2013, 9:44 pm

Brickhouse, AKA Candice Carlson, burns with magically induced lust for the wizard Prospero!
The lust is so compelling she follows him as a slave!
But Ishtar, Goddess of Love, has erotic powers of her own!
Can Ishtar entice Brickhouse to turn away from Prospero and submit to the goddess?
FInd out in Victory City #48, in the member's area now!

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