Blunder Woman: Android Ambush!

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Re: Blunder Woman: Android Ambush!

Postby Mr. Cryptic » November 5th, 2015, 11:40 pm

Blunder Woman is caught in an erotic trap!
Can she break free to stop the villainous Gibson!?
See it in Blunder Woman: Android Ambush: Part IV, the conclusion!

Mr. Cryptic
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Re: Blunder Woman: Android Ambush!

Postby jrhcl2 » November 8th, 2015, 9:23 am

Mr. Cryptic wrote:
jrhcl2 wrote: That being said, i have a question for you?? I know it has been a few years since you wrote the adventures of Ishtar # 11. My question is , why did she turn from Maria back into Ishtar after having sex with Paul?? You never really explained that.

Basically, Ishtar was hidden inside Maria. Making love with Paul meant that she was baring her soul to him. This allowed him to see her whole self, even when Maria couldn't see it. Ishtar's RIng of Transformation creates a perception disrupting aura that keeps people from recognizing Ishtar as Maria. Paul's love allowed him to see through that illusion.

Thanks for answering my question!! That explain why Ishtar has been thinking about Paul when she get into trouble lately!! Everything she was thinking in the adventures of Ishtar# 1 was true!! He is part of her like she said in the adventures of Ishtar# 13!! I'd must rather Paul have a strong hold on Ishtar than any villains or her fellow heroes!! I like Paul being a anchor for Ishtar because Ishtar cares for him deeply!! I'm tried of the villains always having the control and always having a hold on the heroines!! Like Dr. Digitalus having hypnotic control of Ishtar and American Goddess I really dislike that, hopefully Ishtar and American Goddess will find away to overcome his control and put a end to his hypnotic control of them. I'd like to see Dr. Digitalus pay for his crimes, he belong in jail!! I hate that he keeps getting away with it and not paying the price for his crimes!! He just keeps getting away with it over and over again taking hypnotic control of heroines using them for his sexual pleasure, that so wrong, again another villain getting what he doesn't deserve by taking away a good person free will and miss using them. I really dislike Dr. Digitalus!! I hope one day, like I said Ishtar and American Goddess break his hypnotic control of them and sent him packing back to where he came never to be seen in victory city and the Mr. Cryptic universe again!! It's been long over due that a good guy has a hold on a heroine , what make it the best is that Ishtar and Paul love each other!! The relationship between Ishtar and Paul is what keeps me coming back for more!!
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