Reorganizing albums...

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Reorganizing albums...

Postby Mr. Cryptic » October 24th, 2013, 9:50 am

I've taken all of the member's updates from the Prospero Saga, and put them in one folder in continuity order. Thus, it's a mix of VIctory CIty, Adventures of Ishtar, and Panthera Khan. Adventures if IShtar #1-9 and Panthera Khan #1-2 are in the free area, and are also part of that story. I will probably duplicate those in the member's area just for the sake of making the story easier to find and follow all in one place. It will be a long time before I do another story that long :) .

I'm doing the same thing with my new storyline, "Brickhouse in the City of Supervillains," which has two updates (the Triskelion Spotlight updates), and will have more in upcoming weeks.

A lot of artists just have miniseries without having ongoing series. I like the ongoing series model because I like there being a title character that is the focus of the series, like Ishtar, Panthera Khan, or Cobra-Woman. Victory City is really supposed to be Brickhouse's series. All the stories have her as a central character, but it's also more of an ensemble book. In the future, I think I will be moving into a miniseries because I think that will be easier for readers to follow, but I'll be naming them after the starring characters.

One other note: I posted the free preview of Cryptowoman here at MC Comix, and I was intending to do it here, but I changed my mind and now it will be at HIP Comix (it will fit in better there). It will come out this Sunday. Here at MC Comix, I'll be focusing on Brickhouse's story (which I'm really into right now), and I'll probably be getting back to Adventures of Ishtar soon too.

Anyway, if you're interested, that's what's going on with me :) .
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