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Postby Mr. Cryptic » July 4th, 2014, 8:01 pm

jrhcl2 wrote:You just made me think of that test, I asked the question how Ishtar abilities were measured and how Ishtar was thought too be on the same strength level as Brickhouse if Ishtar was wearing her Magical garments, Because the test wouldn't be a true measurement of Ishtar natural abilities if she wasn't nude like Brickhouse. You did answer my question. But you did make me think of this question?? When Sovereign tested Ishtar resistance to mental attacks, how did Ishtar do without her garments?? Since she wasn't able to resist Sovereign power when she was wearing her magical garments in the Ultra Maxima Saga.

The only reason Brickhouse took off her costume for the test was so that the costume wouldn't be damaged (and so I could have her strut around in the nude :) ). Brickhouse's powers don't depend on her costume. The only thing special about her costume is that it imperfectly mimics her invulnerability. E.g., her bikini can survive intense heat, but it will burn up before she does.

If Sovereign was testing a hero that gets their powers from a device or object, like Liberty Omega and his battlesuit, he would test them while using that piece of equipment. Likewise, when soldiers are tested, I think they get tested while carrying their normal gear (depending on what the test is).

Ishtar would probably have her mental resistance tested while using her magical garments, although I guess Sovereign could try to remove her garments to lower her resistance.

In Victory City #19-20, Ishtar was not expecting Sovereign to use his enhanced persuasion on her, and that made a big difference. Imagine a soldier on patrol with his squad. He's going to be prepared for enemy snipers, but he probably would taken off guard if a fellow soldier pulled out a knife and stabbed him from behind.
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