Omega Unit: Promo's and Updates

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Omega Unit: Promo's and Updates

Postby FirstBorn » September 18th, 2011, 6:05 pm

Hey everyone!

Just dropping a note to let everyone know a few things.

1) Doc and I discussed it a bit and we decided to speed up the posting rate for the Haywire origin story. Chapter 3 will now be released this Friday (Sept 23rd) with the rest of them coming out every two weeks.

This change is for a couple of reasons. First off, with Mr. Cryptic moving some of his already released material over to McComix (a welcome addition!) we already have a deluge of "free" material so the more the merrier! Secondly, the sooner we get Haywire's story released the sooner I can move on to new material that hasn't been seen before!

2) Omega Unit: Profiles - I have uploaded a set of four character profiles: Haywire, Psion, Joyride, and DayStar. I have "greyed" the Haywire picture until her story is up so as not to ruin the "reveal" in the story itself.

And on the subject of reveals, take a close look at the DayStar promo- She'll be front and center with her own origin story (new material) once the Haywire story is finished. I hope you all enjoy.
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