Streaming live 01/01/15!

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Streaming live 01/01/15!

Postby mctek » January 5th, 2015, 8:40 am

Starting today's stream in a few minutes, hope to see ya all there!

You do have to sign up for picarto, which is free!

Live streaming:
First week of every month.
Monday thru Friday.
9:30am to 5:30pm with hour break.

Commission sketches are

Online Character Sketches/ Black and White - $20.00 USD

ColorOnline Character Sketches/ Colored - $30.00 USD

Online Character w/ Background / Black and White - $25.00 USD

Online Character w/ Background / Colored - $35.00 USD


I will be doing a week long set of sessions, in turn the queue will be reset and will go in the order they were received. No exceptions.

There will be an hour to half an hour limit on all streaming commissions, this is so that everyone has a chance to get something should they seek a commission. Should I reach the hour limit, I will continue your commission either offline or in the next stream.

There will be a 2 character limit for online commissions since anything more will take longer than the given time for each commission.

There will be a max of 10 edits per commission to avoid running pass the set time on all online commissions.
You can do advance payment for commissions, and must be sent to me no later than 10 pm central time, so that I can update the queue list for the next day.

Should there be no commissions waiting in line, I will begin work on either work for my portfolio or patreon sketches.

4 Character commissions can be started in stream and will still be subject to the hour limit, this is ideal for those who would like to view the setup of the scene they had in mind, and the rest of the piece will be completed offline.

if you would like to support the comic Please check out the pateron page!
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