Computer Problems

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Computer Problems

Postby mctek » April 13th, 2014, 7:13 pm

hey all

Well, it finally happen, my poor computer crapped out on me, after almost 8 years of doing hard work it finally gave out yesterday while trying to get work on projects. The motherboard fried, pretty much leaving me in need of a computer, a good friend was awesome enough to supply me with a new broad and video card. Thou i ended up having to shell out an extra $100 to cover a few extra parts that got toasted along with the motherboard.

I was able to recover as much as i can, luckily the only things i really lost were old vids that i can do without. I will be getting out work to those looking for their commissions, I apologize for the wait, and will strive to get things done in a more timely matter.

The new board allows me to do more work at a faster pace, and less fighting with programs such as poser and Photoshop. While not a top end computer, it is much better then i was working with before. So i'm going to experiment more and see if i can raise the quality of work for Poser and my 2D work as the new rig setup can take more finer settings. Thou it will still take me time to figure out what will work best for each program and get accustom to working with setup of the computer. I'll be sending some experiments out soon to clients to see what works for each of you and so on.

To offset the 100 i had to throw down i am currently seeking extra work to even out what i lost in the process of the computer failure. If you know anyone looking for commission work or looking for more material, please let me know, thanks again for your time.

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