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Postby NoneNeeded » April 24th, 2013, 12:38 pm

NoneNeeded wrote:
dumbtime wrote:My suggestions to Sumatra good points -

Comeback and revisit them after you see how the dynamics work out in future story arcs. This was the introduction to the idea.

But will there be any future arcs? My major gripe with the Metrobay stuff is that there is so little continuity. Arc ends with major plot elements unresolved and then you have to wait two years to have it mentioned again. Great individual stories, art and writing but nothing really tying it into a coherent narrative over time. I can't think of a story line other than Chained Reaction/Island that managed to jump between arcs and tie things up.

AND now we will have to go elsewhere if we want to see how this plays out. Probably sometime in 2015 if I had to guess. I am giving a try but doubt I will stick for just this reason.

Sorry, that is more negative than I meant it to be but it is a major point of frustration that so little ever concludes or resolves. I swear, if you looked at all the heroines that were left enthralled at the end of some story, the entire cast would probably be enslaved and many by more than one master.

As I said at the end of this, it came out more negative than intended. I should also have made clear that this was a general rant and not targeted specifically at Trishbot or any other author. In fact, TB took the time to let me know that this story line is picking up at Metrobay right now. And the thoughtful response to my childish whining has me convinced of the sincerity not to leave things hanging when possible. Things happen and sometimes a story will fall though. That's life.

It also seems like the heroines of the Club Pump tale will be reappearing there soon also after enduring a couple years of off screen enslavement.

I still think it would be interesting to start a thread of Estranged Enslavements, Bygone Brainwashes, Misplaced Mesmerized Maidens and Heretofore Hypnotized Heroines. But it should be elsewhere.
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