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Re: New "Mind Over magic" series by Trishbot!

PostPosted: October 9th, 2010, 11:11 am
by Northern Chill
The series draws to an end and I must admit, I have mixed feelings on this. I really liked and enjoyed the art throughout this story and this last chapter was no the basement scenes and the scenes back at the HQ art wise...great stuff!

That being said, though, I was unhappy with the ending to this story. I just can't wrap my mind around the notion that Enchantress would go back to the Squad given what has transpired earlier in the story. If it was after an initial rebuffing of the idea, maybe....I just can't visualize Enchantress giving it another shot that fast, forced smiles or whatnot.

Yes, you could argue she rejoined to be around Spellweaver but that shouldn't the only reason Enchantress walked back in to a situation she despised just a short while earlier.

Maybe this comes down to different perceptions on the character in question...dunno.

Re: New "Mind Over magic" series by Trishbot!

PostPosted: October 9th, 2010, 2:33 pm
by dumbtime
Well. I can see your point NC but, it may have happened through the event's of Goldwing's good will in helping to locate Zuri and then going along with Enchantress' plan to free her. That could have soften her up to some reasoning. I also think the one and only true bond that Enchantress has is with Zuri and she is part of the SS. Rationalizing the whole picture and seeing what's there, she may have made the decision just based on that bond alone to give the SS another try. I mean, who else has she got, that she can trust?

With her last antic though, she could be making the leadership of the SS aware that she won't put up with their personality indifferences, especially the one between her and Alpha Woman, and their slanted decision making. This can still make her a somewhat favorable member of the SS but still be the possible insubordinate; the loose cannon, as you will. There are at least 2 members present that would be willing to work with her now based on working with her in the past. And, Kitten's got to be thrilled that Enchantress sacrificed herself too or else she would be still mindlessly smoking Lorenzo's flat joint similar to what Enchantress was about to before GW's attack.

I do have to add that I was anticipating Enchantress being utterly destroyed by Lorenzo's words. Having no friends to help her out of that may have made her completely give up her will to be a person and just allow her helpless, mindless catatonic servanthood to overtake her completely to her core. But, to me, this route taken was just as entertaining as that would have been.

Re: New "Mind Over magic" series by Trishbot!

PostPosted: December 13th, 2010, 9:12 am
by finister
Who knows why women decide to do what they do?

Who says Enchantress has gone good? :twisted: