Members Area Update 12/13: "Digital Desires" #3

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Members Area Update 12/13: "Digital Desires" #3

Postby Doctor Robo » December 13th, 2009, 4:34 pm

Now in the members area of, it’s “Grime City Stories: Digital Desires” issue #3 by Doctor Robo and Finister Foul!

Poor Mechana. All she wants to do is fulfill her programming as a sex droid and please others to the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, her drive to obey has gotten her mixed up with a most unsavory character, one who happens to know EXACTLY how to push her buttons!

When this unscrupulous fellow gets Mechana alone in his apartment, he can think of only one thing to do with her. Fortunately for him she has a one-track mind of her own, and things get hot and heavy when they both realize they want the same thing! ... _itemId=22

P.S.- For those of you who are new to and looking to get caught up on past Metrobay storylines, we invite you to visit the Metrobay Universe Encyclopedia at It is updated on a regular basis, and is your best source for information on all things Metrobay!
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