Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#13

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Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#13

Postby mitru » November 19th, 2023, 3:53 am

Democratic Republic of Congo

In the study of their palatial mansion the the Gombe district...Portuguese billionaire businessman FELIX CARVAHLO and his wife BEATRICE watched the news coverage about two school teachers...JOYCE MAMFE and VERNELLA TUPON of criminal charges of being involved with one of the country's rebel groups the RASTA MILITIA in kidnapping a group of teenage schoolgirls and holding them for ransom.

The charges against them were brought by the sexy and scantily-clad superheroine GORILLA WOMAN...who caught them...Rasta Militia leader GERALD WAMBUGU...and several of his men...after she rescued the schoolgirls. 

Two of the wealthiest people in the Democratic Republic of Congo...no one knew that Felix and Beatrice were the COUNT and the CONTESSA...masked criminal masterminds who were the self-proclaimed rulers of the Central African nation's criminal underworld...leading a powerful crime syndicate which had its corrupt tentacles into every level of society and which controlled all the criminal gangs in the country.

Beatrice who was the smarter of the duo...was pleased to see her latest plan to increase marijuana trafficking inside and outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo...and in the process...humble and humiliate the one threat to the dominance her husband and herself...the Gorilla Woman. As the tv news story about the two school teachers being found innocent of the charges of kidnapping 20...18-year-old school girls continued...a photo of the famous Busty Congolese Superwoman was shown on the screen.

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