Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#04

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Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#04

Postby mitru » September 17th, 2023, 2:11 am

Joyce, Vernella and Prudence were particularly pleased to see the total helplessness of the 8ft Topless Top Heavy African Superheroine...as the Rasta Militia thugs held burning marijuana spliffs over her giant glossy black wet and excited clitoris...over her broad hard glossy black areolas...over her big puffy hard erect and bullet-shaped glossy black nipples...and directly under her nose.

"Wow...Gorilla Woman's totally out of it...I thought she was supposed to be super strong..." said Prudence.

"Not anymore Prudence...The drug you sprayed on her giant breasts...is made from industrial strength chloroform and Gorilla Woman's own cum...our benefactor called it COLLAROFORM...specially designed to exploit the highly erogenous areas in her nipples, areolas and cunt...putting her in a heightened state of erotic arousal which nullifies her superhuman abilities" explained Joyce who was a science teacher.

"Yes. She has the same strengths and weaknesses as the first Gorilla Woman who lived in the 16th Century. There are historical accounts of that Gorilla Woman having a deep erotic fetish to be tamed and enslaved...when she was aroused and exploited in her giant breasts and cunt...This fetish takes effect immediately and in this state...that Gorilla Woman obeyed her captors' orders...Just as this super bitch will now" explained Vernella...who was a history teacher.

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