Gorilla Woman - Sex Slaves -Issue#18

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Gorilla Woman - Sex Slaves -Issue#18

Postby mitru » July 30th, 2023, 3:43 am

Joli Parc district
Democratic Republic of Congo
9 pm

Her naked giant firm dark ebony breasts swaying sexily...her muscular dark ebony arms and thick muscular dark ebony legs moving in tandem...feeling the wind brushing against her voluptuous and muscular dark ebony body...clad only by a thin tiny white gorilla fur G-string which barely covered the space between her giant dark ebony thighs...her dark ebony hands clenched into fists...the sexy toes of her large erotic bare dark ebony feet ...which had short glossy clear toenails...close together and curled with tension...feeling air blowing through her short mane of glossy black dreadlocks that framed her beauteous face...Gorilla Woman sprinted and leapt across the rooftops of buildings...with the speed and agility of 40 gorillas...as she headed towards the Clinique Kinoise animal hospital...where she had been held captive by human traffickers...and was being conditioned to become a sex slave to be sold on the black market and shipped out of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This time...she was not alone...as her new teenage boyfriend...Joe Kinte...clung to her muscular dark ebony back...his arms wrapped around her broad ebony shoulders...the fingers of his hands laced together...in the space between her naked giant firm dark ebony breasts...where the Gorilla Talisman which endowed her with her super powers rested...his legs wrapped tightly around her ripped dark ebony abdomen.

CLICK HERE to read Gorilla Woman - Sex Slaves -Issue#18:http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/Gorilla-Woman/Sex-Slaves?page=3


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