Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#09

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Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#09

Postby mitru » September 26th, 2021, 2:39 am

"Patience big breasted fool...That question that will soon be answered.." replied Doctor Lal Chaitnair sneered as he revealed a small, steel bristled brush in his right hand. Flipping a switch on its side, caused the bristles to rotate in a rapid circular clockwise direction. His intention quickly began apparened to the Top Heavy Hindu Heroine.

"No!! That devious device!! You're going to use it on my huge Tiger Breasts!! On my big Tiger Nipples!! On my wide Tiger Areolas!! You knocked me out with a weird ray gun...shaped like a man's penis...My big Tiger Nipples...My wide Tiger Areolas...are still hard...I can't access my Strength of 40 Bengal Tigers!!...I can't escape in time!!.. No!!..No!!.." cried the Big Breasted Superwoman of India..knowing she was absolutely helpless to stop what was about to happen.

CLICK HERE to read Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#09:http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/Tiger-Woman-of-India/Voodoo-of-Vultura


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