Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#08

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Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#08

Postby mitru » September 12th, 2021, 3:39 am

KHAIL KHAN entered the newsroom of the New Delhi Times newspaper where he worked, turning the heads of women as he strolled by. The handsome, 30 year-old man with wavy black hair...a lean, muscular body...designer clothes...with the face of a Bollywood lead actor...Khail was one of the top newspaper journalists in India.

While he had the effect of making women swoon over him...Khail was infatuated with only one woman...the brave, busty and beauteous TIGER WOMAN OF INDIA. He would see her in his mind's eye. Her voluptuous and muscular shiny light brown body barely covered by a thin, tight tiger pelt leotard...a golden belt with a roaring tiger head buckle entwined around her wide curvy waist...tiger pelt bands on her wrists and just above her rounded ankles.

A thin tiger pelt mask stretching across the upper part of her beauteous face...framed by her long mane of glossy black hair. Strong hands with slender fingers with glossy, claw like fingernails. Erotic bare shiny light brown feet with sexy toes with glossy claw like toenails. She possessed superhuman strength...could fly...and was seemingly invulnerable to almost anything.

Khail had no idea that his mousy assistant Sonia Gan was in fact the Tiger Woman of India who he was infatuated with. The handsome investigative journalist was equally oblivious to the fact that the Top Heavy Hindu Heroine was in dire peril while he was going about his day as normal.

CLICK HERE to read Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#08:http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/Tiger-Woman-of-India/Voodoo-of-Vultura


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