BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn Reboot #1

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BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn Reboot #1

Postby mitru » August 8th, 2021, 1:38 am

Hello folks! Welcome to the first comic update of BLUNDER WOMAN's Red Dawn Reboot. This is my first comic using DAZ Studio and new Genesis 8.1 figures so I still have to refine some things and learning the ropes of the new software but I hope you enjoy it.

We're on the early 80's... The cold war is raging. The IDAC agent Diane Aprince is convoked by Captain Nicole Whaley to resolve the case of a missing female agent and a russian defector active.

CLICK HERE to read BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn #1:


Read on... BLUNDER WOMAN's Red Dawn, now at!
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