Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#05

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Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#05

Postby mitru » August 1st, 2021, 4:21 am

48 hours later
New Delhi, India
9 am

A slightly dazed SONIA GAN entered the bustling newsroom of the NEW DELHI TIMES newspaper. Senior journalist KHAIL KHAN looked up from behind his computer as the 20-year old woman who served as his assistant..swayed dizzily from side side to side as she managed to make it to her desk located near to his, and sit down.

"Where've you been Sonia?...Guess you missed the story about TIGER WOMAN stopping the bank robbery and she didn't contact you later for an exclusive..But don't worry...I've already written the story.." quipped Khail with a smile.

"Uuh..Ok.. Khail...." replied Sonia as she sat down and booted up her computer, so she could start working. Her dull shoulder length black hair tied into a bun behind her head..large rimmed glasses on her face..and wearing a baggy pants suit...Sonia did not attract the attention of any of her co-workers. But this was intentional because it helped her conceal her secret identity as the brave, beauteous and busty TIGER WOMAN OF INDIA.

CLICK HERE to read Tiger Woman of India "Voodoo of Vultura" -Issue#05:http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/Tiger-Woman-of-India/Voodoo-of-Vultura


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