ASTRARELLA - Sexgammatron #27

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ASTRARELLA - Sexgammatron #27

Postby mitru » January 10th, 2021, 3:53 am

Hello folks! Here we're with a new update of ASTRARELLA's Erotic Space Pulp adventures...

Connected to the new Duron's machine probe, Astrarella jus bit her lips and then a minute or 2 later her whole body began to throb gently. So far this didnt seem as bad as she had feared apart from a couple of moments of slight pain.

The brave agent didn’t know why, but her body was clearly enjoying this experience.The probes throbbing were causing her to moan with pleasure... She gasped as the stimulation within her suddenly grew greatly in intensity, but the strange thing was that her thoughts were being filled with all things sexual. It wasn’t too long before her body could take no more of this new sensation, she let out a loud passionate moan and her first orgasm ripped through her body, soon to be followed by a second.

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