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Postby mitru » March 22nd, 2020, 3:18 am

Hello folks! Here we're with a new BIG update of ASTRARELLA's erotic space perilous adventures to share with with MCcomix's fans & supporters.

In her travel to the Space Court, Commander Astrid knew nothing except orgasm and pain as she came dozens of times and screamed over and over into her gag cocooned in darkness as Arrix watched and recorded every second.

Day by day, Lord Arrix found new ways to break and humilliate Astrarella in his quest for the password. Astrid stayed bondaged in different positions, not a moment of peace of break. Her muscles sore and body exhausted after days of endless torments... but she remains determined.

Astrarella knew the Space Court of Ashan pretty well... Too many times she has come here as accuser but now she will be the crimnial on trial!

CLICK HERE to read ASTRATRELLA - Sexgammatron:


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