Member's Update 02/19/20 Mesmero's Club Ep 12

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Member's Update 02/19/20 Mesmero's Club Ep 12

Postby jpeger » February 19th, 2020, 1:16 am

Welcome Welcome once again to a Wednesday Update!! Well, Club Mesmero is back, and he’s come a long way since the night club days. Infiltrating Ensorcell Labs, and taking Dr. Cooley prisoner, Mesmero has learned they have the technology to switch consciousnesses between 2 bodies!

Using this tech to hijack a Senator who was voting on legislation she herself wrote! Changing the vote to “no” caused a rift among other senators supporting it, and they changed their vote as well. Striking down the Anti “Mind-Hop” bill, and ensuring the financial domination of Ensorcell labs for centuries! Now anyone with money can hop from body to body, and spend eternity young and beautiful. Those poor can purchase their way out of poverty at the cost of their youth!

With Mesmero now in control of the tech and Ensorcell Labs, his next hurdle is what to do with the Senator that is now occupying his henchwoman’s body!!! Will the Senator escape, and expose him? Will Jo, the rookie FBI agent, or Officer Case of the UCPD regain their minds, and put a stop to Mesmero? Will Lucinda snap out of her trance? The answer to these and many new questions begin to unfold in this newest and most exciting adventure of...!!

Club Mesmero: Episode 12 - Posting NOW for members!

For members: ... Episode-12

Thanks for reading!




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