Members Area Update 1/10: "Digital Desires" #5 (finale)

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Members Area Update 1/10: "Digital Desires" #5 (finale)

Postby Doctor Robo » January 10th, 2010, 12:20 pm

Now in the members area of, it’s “Digital Desires” #5 by Doctor Robo and Finister Foul!

J.T. Tezuka has it made. Using his impressive computer hacking skills he has managed to take control of the android sex machine named Mechana, and now her cyborg friend Silver Satin is literally knocking on his front door with only obedience on her mind! The sparks are sure to fly when J.T. gets both lovely ladies in the same room, and who knows what he’s going to make them do first! ... _itemId=22
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