Story Idea: Heroines no more

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Story Idea: Heroines no more

Postby mesmereyes » September 24th, 2011, 8:42 am

Kevin is a comic nerd. his whole world revolves around comic books and the heroines and villains that inhabit them, especially the ones whos real life adventures are immortalised in ink for him to relive anytime he wants. Kevin is neither a wannabe hero or wannabe villain. all kevin wants is for the forces of good to triumph and see evil banished. The one thing he hates is seeing heroines defeated, beaten and abused. Stopping this hapenning becomes an obsession with him and he would do literally anything to keep his heroines safe. but what can one weedy comic nerd do to stop the pain that they endures.

Kevin has only one skill he can manipulate peoples thoughts, not enough to turn them into slaves or anything but just enough to alter their perception, influence small decisions etc. so far he has used it only to get free comic books and movie tickets and the occasainal free burger. sometimes in his job at the comic shop he uses it to make a sale. He has never used it to get girls or do anything really criminal.

One day he witnesses a minor heroine try to stop a bank robbery, she does very well and rounds up all the robbers save one who manages to creep up behind her and knock her out. Kevin intervenes and get hospitalised for his trouble. He awakens in hospital a hero. The heroine arrives for a press call and to say thank you for saving her. Kevin cannot resist manipulating her mind a little. The heroine who is off hr guard and suspects nothing finds herself staying after the press call to talk to her new freind. Kevin realises he has stepped over the line but a little voice inside telss him to see how far her can go. Over the next few hours the heroine gets him food, tells himall about herself, including her secret identity and then before leaving gives him a big kiss on the lips. KEvin lays there open mouthed swearing that he will never do anything like this again because it is so wrong.

After recovering Kevin leaves hospital and goes home to his dingy apartment to pick up his life. He has not been home more than a few minutes before his heroine friend in her secret identity comes to call. She looks embarressed and he invites her in. She tells him that she cant stop thinking about him and she wants to take care of him. She kisses him again and Kevin in spite himself enters her mind to stop this going on but he cant do and instead he finds himslef magnifying her feelings for him. They find the bedroom and make love.

Kevin looks down at the sleeping heroine and crys, he knows he has done wrong but he also knows that he cannot make himself push her away. They become a couple and are very happy. Kevin does regret what he has done but has fallen in love with her and cannot imagine life without her.
A few weeks later asenoir heroine is captured and sold into slavery, the other heroines badntogether and rescue her and Kevins girl tells him all about it. Kevin wishes tells her he wished he could stop them all getting hurt. His girl tells him that the only way that can happen is if they all stop being heroines and that would never happen.
It is then that Kevin has an epiphany, he decides that he can make them all stop being heroines. He can make them all do something safer. Using information provided by his girl he finds out the mental weakness of each heroine and using his girl to steal what he needs begins to accumulate all the drugs, magic or technology he will need to control each heroine and change their minds about that they do.

The other heroines trust Kevin, he is with one of their freinds and he is able one by one to isolate them and thorugh various means take control of their minds. All he does is find out from them what they would do if they were not heroines and then make them live out that fantasy in real life. Marrying a boyfriend, becoming a teacher, an actress one even wants to become a hooker. Gradually the ranks of the heroines thin until finally a large crininal organisation decides there are so few of them left they can be defeated for good. The criminals attack and capture the remaining heroines including Kevins girl who is still acting against her colleagues on his behalf.

Kevin finally realises what he has done and knows that the only way he can make things right is to allow the retired heroines to realise what he has done. They are all released from their fantasy lives and band together to defeat evil and release their colleages.

Kevin ends up in prison his mental power removed and awaiting trial. He gets a visitor, the heroine he had fallen in love with him. She tells him that what he did was wrong and then she kisses him, he looks at her shocked. She tells him that even though it was wrong he had done what he'd done for the right reasons. she then tell him she loves him. He tells her that she must still be under his influence in some way and that she could not possibly love someone like him. she smiles and puts her arms around him. she tells him that whatever powere he had over her is long gone and that whatever he's made her do he could not have made her fall in love with him. She kisses him again and tells him she'll wait for him. He looks back at her opn mouthed.

As she leaves his cell she tells him that the other heroines are going to put a good word in at his trail and that when he gets out they can be together but that she wont be retiring anytime soon
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Re: Story Idea: Heroines no more

Postby NoneNeeded » February 18th, 2013, 5:31 pm

Sounds like a fun story.
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