more "Alt. Endings/Bad ends"

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more "Alt. Endings/Bad ends"

Postby scopes » January 22nd, 2013, 3:15 am

First I would like to say hello!

I am a new member and really am enjoying the quality of your art and story telling presented by all of the artists here thus far. I hope to support your creativity for as long as you all wish to indulge us :)

My request is this: I loved in the past stories that I came across like Unity and others which had a "good end" for the main story...but then a "Alt Ending" chapter..or a "Bad End" as a bonus. To me I feel those are really awesome as it satisfies our inner villains...I was reading The Resort for example...and was really craving for a "bad end alternative" for the heroines :p was hoping you guys would do more of that. I understand your need as writers to not finish off the heroines so you can put them into more stories and scenarios as well as build on character depth. So this is why I feel Alt Endings are good for the reader and writer as can satisfy different tastes without really ruining what the writer wants to do AFTER that story...The whole "heroine tries 1 last effort...only to fail and be subjected to further humiliation" is kinky and fun :P

A good project would be to make "bad ends" for older stories which were popular...But I am not sure when that is I am also really enjoying the new stories and wouldn't want any of you to stop those...clone yourselves damnit! :P
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Re: more "Alt. Endings/Bad ends"

Postby mitru » January 26th, 2013, 4:12 am

I bet you're going to like the end of one of my first stories here.

I like any kind of feedback about my stories, it helps to improve my work as comic creator, so if you have anything to share about them... I'm all ears!
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