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Postby Doctor Robo » September 2nd, 2012, 5:06 pm

Tony wrote:Finister is making the timeline much more interesting with the last few pages he posted for Wicked Fun Park.

Hypnotica appearing for the first time since her debut.
Valient Girl appearing like before she visited the funhouse.
Alpha Girl and Valient Girl on the same page and both being hypnotized!
Solaria appearing like before capture in Chain Reaction.
Goldwing making an appearance.

And Shadow Rider not knowing about Hypnotica? Oops!

I thought I'd post this here since either a lot of things have happened off screen recently or Wicked Fun Park make be taking place as much as two years ago...

I guess only time will tell!

Hi Tony. I think Northern Chill and MCtek's "Day in the Life: Valient Grrl" explains how VG is able to be seen outside of The Funhouse in her usual costume. I realize that was posted after you made these comments, so it's a little bit of revisionist history. DITL also explains how VG and AW can be seen together, because it seems logical to me that Belinda would tell VG to 'act normal' when around any of her friends and co-workers - ESPECIALLY Alpha Woman.

As for Shadow Rider not knowing about Hypnotica, I think Northern Chill's explanation is valid. Since Hypnotica is a relatively new character it's not unreasonable for SR to not know what her powers are, even if they had met before. I mean, hypnotic breasts? Who would even THINK of something as crazy as that?

- Doc
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